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makalayan,bantugan,the ladies and the diwata

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The characters in the "Bantugan" epic include Bantugan (the hero), Haring Madali (the king), and Datu Bantugan's siblings such as Princess Datimbang and Prince Madali. Other characters like the sorcerer Rabut, the ten-headed monster Sarimbar, and Bantugan's loyal companion Humadapnon also play significant roles in the epic.

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Q: Who are the characters of bantugan epic?
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Who are the character of darangan the maranao epic?

magjik dff

What is the epic of bantugan?


Who are the parents of prince bantugan in that epic?

In the Maranao epic of Prince Bantugan, his parents are King Madali and Queen Mindaug.

What is the epic bantugan?


Where the setting of bantugan?

The setting of the Maranao epic "Bantugan" is in the ancient kingdom of Bumbaran, which is a majestic and prosperous city ruled by the mythical hero Prince Bantugan. The epic tells the story of his adventures and battles against his enemies.

What kind of a man is bantugan in the epic story entitled '' bantugan the prince''?

i dont know the answer!!..can u pls answer this for me?/!!

What is reaction of epic of bantugan?

The "Epic of Bantugan" is a traditional narrative from the Maranao people of the Philippines that tells the story of Prince Bantugan and his epic journey. The reaction to the epic varies, with some appreciating its cultural significance and storytelling elements while others may analyze its themes of heroism and conflict. Overall, the epic is generally well-regarded for its contribution to Philippine folklore and literature.

Who feel in love with bantugan story about prince bantugan?

Gandingan fell in love with Prince Bantugan in the Maranao epic story of Bantugan. She was a loyal and devoted companion to the prince throughout his adventures and battles. Their love story is an integral part of the epic, showcasing the depth of their connection and loyalty to each other.

Who are the heroes of the epic ibalong with pictures?

handiong ,bantugan and baltog

What is the introduction of the good prince bantugan?

The Good Prince Bantugan is an epic poem of the Maranao people in the Philippines that narrates the story of Prince Bantugan. The introduction typically sets the stage for the epic adventure that follows, highlighting the prince's noble qualities, bravery, and his journey to save his kingdom from enemies.

What kind of a man is bantugan?

Bantugan is a legendary hero in Filipino folklore known for his bravery, wisdom, and magical abilities. He is often portrayed as a skilled warrior who exhibits noble qualities such as courage and selflessness. Bantugan is often depicted as a prince who embarks on epic adventures to defend his kingdom and fight against evil forces.

Do you know of epic stories in the Philippines?

Yes, one of the most well-known epic stories in the Philippines is "Biag ni Lam-ang," which tells the adventures of a hero named Lam-ang. This epic is from the Ilocano region and is known for its colorful characters, supernatural elements, and fantastical feats.