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Who are the geniuses of wrestling?


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John cena and Trish Stratus, most of all, VINCE MCMAHON

they are stone cold the rock hulk hogan roddy pipper mankind Kane and keven Nash

Your forgetting Ric Flair, He may not be the best wrestler anymore, but he knows the most about and is still living. He won the World hevy weight title 16 times!!!

alberto Einstein (he wrestles in Mexico)

Vince, Bischoff, Heyman, Jericho, The Rock, Mankind, Taker, Hogan (sort of).

John cena

And what about Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat guys. He was one of the finest wrestlers to have ever lived.

The Undertaker is the biggest legend and J.B.L,Hulk Hogen,Andre the giant,the big show and finaly the rock.

almost all the veterans and legends of wwe and the other corparations like wcw, ecw, but give credit to vince for making it so well known and worldwide.

I would have to say the McMahon family is the genuis behind WWE. Along with others such as script writers, staff, and announcers. The wrestlers too have helped bring WWE to what it is today with their characters. And legend wrestlers such as Hogan, Stone Cold, the Rock, and such have had a big influence as well. But above all it would have to be the McMahon family.

Mr. Hounderz

Paul Heyman.

innovators of wrestling include vince McMahon, Eric bischoff, Shawn Michaels, hulk hogan, Steve Austin, mick foley, Rey Mysterio, ric flair, rob van dam, Kurt angle and vince russo in my opinion.

the mchmahons, paul heyman, Eric bischoff, Jake Roberts, ricky steamboat, ric flair, Steve Austin, Bret hart, rick rude, curt henning, the undertaker, greg valentine, Shawn micheals, triple h, chris benoit, Kurt angle, chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, tito Santana, bob backlund, randy savage, hulk hogan, sgt slaughter, pat Patterson, William regal, dusty Rhodes, billy graham, British bulldog, Arnold skaaland, Bruno samartino, harley race, the rock

Vince Mcmahon definatly. Without him, Pro Wrestling would not be where it is today.

Paul Heyman & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan of course

CM punk & the shield in which Romen rein, Seth Rollins, dean Ambrose.


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