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Obviously, Peter Pan. However, Wendy, Michael, John and Captain Hook are also very important. Peter Pan is a great play that way: There are so many unique roles, and so many oppurtunities to shine!

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Peter Pan, Wendy, the brothers and Captain Hook. Smee could be counted as a main character, though

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Q: Who are the main characters in Peter Pan?
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What is the main characters of Peter Pan?

there are the lost boys peter Wendy tink John Micheal Nana

Who is the main lost boy in Peter Pan?

peter pan is the leader of the lost boys

How are Tinkerbell and Peter Pan related?

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan are both characters in Peter Panby JM Barrie.Tinkerbell is a fairy, peter pan is a boy. They were best friends.

Who are the characters in Peter Pan?

There is Peter, Wendy, hook, crocodile, the boys, Tinkerbell

Cartoon characters that start with N?

Nana from peter pan

The characters Captain Hook and Wendy are from which book?

Peter Pan

Are there any children's films that have fairies as main characters?

There are few movies that have fairies as the main characters. Some of them are: Fairytale: a True Story, Thumbelina and Toothless. Alternatively, there are many more movies with fairies as side characters, though important ones, like in Peter Pan.

Characters in the chapter 3 of Peter Pan?

wendy micheal and john

Who are the main characters of secret seven?

The main characters of the secret seven are Peter Janet and Jack

The main characters in the book the war with grandpa?

Peter and Peter's grandpa

Who was peter pan's main enemy?

dumb peeps

Famous film characters starting with p?

Peter Pan

Is Tinker Bell a main character in Peter Pan?

yes, one of them but it's mostly peter pan as in the name of the film

What Disney characters start with the letter p?

Peter Pan; Piglet; Pinocchio; Pluto.

What is the name of the main people in hunger games?

the main characters are cadness and peter

What is the main idea of Peter Pan?

You do not always need to grow up

Where does Peter Pan live in the Disney version of Peter Pan?

Peter Pan lives in Neverland

Who does Peter pan love?

Peter Pan

What is the name of Peter Pan?

peter pan

Will Peter be in Narnia The Last Battle?

Peter was in the end of the book, but he was not one of the main characters in the plot.

What is real name of Peter Pan?

PETER! He was named "Peter Pan" because he played the Pan Flute.

Who plays Peter Pan in the movie Peter Pan?

Jeremy Sumpter played Peter Pan in the 2003 version of Peter Pan

What does Peter Pan's shadow represent?

Peter Pan

What males have played Peter Pan?

No males have played Peter Pan in the movie OR the Broadway premier of Peter Pan.

What are the main themes of Peter Pan?

All children must grow up.

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