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Who are the top five quarterbacks in rushing yards for a single season?

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2015-07-17 17:49:49
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Bobby Douglass, Chicago Bears, 1972 had 968 yards Randall Cunningham, Phily Eagles, 1990 had 942 yards Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons, 2004, had 902 yards Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons, 2002, had 777 yards Steve McNair, Tennessee Oilers, 1997, had 674 yards.

I'm a bit rusty and Michael's second one and Steve's may not be in those slots, but the top 3 should be solid.

As of the start of the 2007 season, the top 5 are:

1. Michael Vick - 1039

2. Bobby Douglas - 968

3. Randall Cunningham - 942

4. Michael Vick - 902

5. Michael Vick - 777

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Michael Vick rushed for 1039 yards in the 2006 season to set the single season rushing record for quarterbacks.

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Ricky Williams with 1853 rushing yards in the 2002 season.

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In 1992, Barry Foster set the Steelers single season rushing record with 1,690 yards.

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For a career that is Michael Vick with 7.1 yards per rushing attempt (through 10 games of the 2010 season). Most of the career leaders in this category are quarterbacks. The running back with the highest yards per rushing attempt is Marion Motley at 5.7. For a single season, the record is held by Vick of the 2006 Falcons and running back Beattie Feathers of the 1934 Bears with 8.4 yards per rushing attempt.

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