Who are the users of supercomputers?

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There are so many variables to climate and weather climatologists make use of these computers.
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How does a supercomputer work?

Historically, supercomputers worked sheerly by having a more powerful processor than other types of computers. However, due to limitations inherent in processor design, they now work mainly through multiprocessing. When they are given a task, they split the task up and run it on several different pr ( Full Answer )

What is a supercomputer?

A supercomputer is a computer that is at the frontline of current processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation. Supercomputers introduced in the 1960s were designed primarily by Seymour Cray at Control Data Corporation (CDC), and led the market into the 1970s until Cray left to form h ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of a supercomputer?

A supercomputer is a very large sized computer. These computers areused in NASA, railway, and in airports. A supercomputer is any computer having at least 10 times the speedand memory of any other computer available in its time period. Theyare designed for use by those with unusually large andcomput ( Full Answer )

How fast is a supercomputer?

To qualify as a supercomputer, a given computer must have at least 10 times the speed and memory of other computers available in its time period. Therefor this is a sliding scale, as other computers improve, new supercomputers must race ahead to get or keep the title.

What is a user?

someone how uses a device or any services device can be computer,cell phone ... A service can be A website Email provider ........

What is supercomputer?

Any computer having at least 10 times the speed and at least 10 times the storage of the most powerful standard commercially available computer of the time period.

What is the size of a supercomputer?

There is no fixed size for a supercomputer as they are defined by performance specifications not size (unlike mainframecomputer, minicomputer, microcomputer were). In fact there havebeen mainframe-supercomputer, mini-supercomputer, andmicro-supercomputers, each of which were toward the larger end o ( Full Answer )

What are the capabilities and limitations of a supercomputer?

Supercomputers have no limit. As the saying goes the 'sky is the limit' or in this case the facist company McDonalds. There is one weakness to Supercomputers and that is that they have trouble updating 'Facebook.' Due to 'Facebook' being run on a 6.32 terabyte servery whilst supercomputers can only ( Full Answer )

What are examples of supercomputer?

IBM NORC . UNIVAC LARC . IBM 7030 Stretch . CDC 6600 . CDC 7600 . Cray 1 . Cray 2 . Cray 3 . IBM Blue/Gene . IBM Watson . Beowulf architecture (networked inexpensive microcomputers) . etc., etc.

What are the disadvantages of supercomputers?

They typically take up A LOT of space. Supercomputers have the following disadvantages: - Generate a lot of heat often require water cooling in addition to an A/C system - High power requirements which cost at minimum $400 per hour or $3.5 million per year as an example - The initial purchase ca ( Full Answer )

How big is a supercomputer?

some have been big, some have been small. what makes a supercomputer super is not size, but performance compared to other computers of its time. In fact some of the highest performance supercomputers have been among the smallest sized computers ever built. Seymour Cray's last supercomputer befor ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of a supercomputer?

The purpose of a supercomputer is to have at least 10 times the speed and memory of any other computer available in its time period, to fill the needs of users with unusually large and computationally intensive problems to solve.

What are example of supercomputer?

The current supercomputer at the top of the Top500 list is Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Cray XT5-HE supercomputer. Expected to overcome it this year is China's National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen's Dawning TC3600 Blade supercomputer. example of a supercomputer----> India owns a serie ( Full Answer )

What is the size of supercomputer?

Nasa has probablly the biggest SuperComputer in the entire world, i may be wrong, but from what I've seen it is the largest. Try using Google images too find the biggest!

Functions of a supercomputer?

Compute as fast as possible with available technology to facilitate solutions to large complicated problems that had never been solvable before due to limited computing capacity of earlier computers and methods. Thats it. How it does it is not important.

What are the types of supercomputers?

Supercomputers are the fastest, most powerful computers designed to tackle complex problems requiring vast amounts of computer time. Two types of supercomputer exist. One type has several extremely complex and expensive processors that carry out computations serially, one at a time. Performing billi ( Full Answer )

Advantages of supercomputer?

Supercomputers are much larger than regular computers. They havethe ability to solve more problems at once than regular computers.

Which is the first supercomputer?

Depending on opinion and point of view, these are most likely candidates: . IBM NORC . UNIVAC LARC . IBM Stretch 7030 . CDC 6600

Who is a user?

A user is a the person who uses the computer and will have a user account there are 2 types of user account Local User And domain user a local user is an account created on the computer where as a domain user is created on a Domain controller ( Server Machine) that user account can then log on ( Full Answer )

What are examples of Supercomputers?

Supercomputers are very powerful computers with contemporaryprocessing capacity. The examples of Supercomputers are, Belle,Hydra, Deep Blue, Gravity Pipe, MDGRAPE-3.

Why are supercomputers needed?

super computer is important one it can do multiple job at a time its definitely needed in the twentith century. Its mainly used for miltiary applications & research oriented

Who developed the supercomputer?

Seymour Cray (1925-1966) is considered the father of the modern supercomputer. The Cray series of supercomputers was built by Cray Research (and later, Cray Computer Corp.) which he founded.

Where are supercomputers found?

Mostly in big companies like Apple, stock market, etc. They need millions of gigabytes to store.

What is the example of a supercomputer?

For an example, I'll use the world's fastest computer, the IBM Roadrunner. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_Roadrunner) It is said to have 122,400 processing cores, (which equates to the processing power of 122,400 home computers) It takes up 6,000 sq ft and the DOE plans to use the computer for s ( Full Answer )

What is the environment of a supercomputer?

Generally a building that has a very good cooling system, along with an outstanding filtration system. Supercomputers depend upon cool air for operation, and you don't want dust to be clogging up the fans/needed components of those computers.

Where do you buy a supercomputer?

They are not commercially sold, the power supply needed would probably also mean you would need to upgrade your power supply. Just buy a commercial computer.

How do you buy a supercomputer?

Just get a server.you cannot get supercomputers for personal use.even if you do,your whole house will be hard drives,wires etc

Where is a supercomputer located?

A supercomputer can be located anywhere there is plenty of power and a way to keep it cool -- supercomputer in of itself isn't that big a deal; the CBE (Cell Broadband Engine) is a super computer on a chip. The CBE is what is used primarily in the PS3 game consoles, that chip used is smaller than a ( Full Answer )

Who when and where was the first supercomputer invented?

The first machines commonly acknowledged as possible candidates for supercomputers were: . IBM NORC, 1954, director of design Wallace Eckert, installed at Columbia University for the Navy Bureau of Ordnance. . UNIVAC LARC, 1960, two built one for LLNL and the other for the Navy. . IBM 7030 Stre ( Full Answer )

What is a supercomputer function?

A super computer has the ability to process massive amounts of data, it completes tasks that would take years to be processed by a normal computer in a matter of seconds. it is used by: scientests - for processing large amounts of data/calculations. Computer servers - for handling millions of clien ( Full Answer )

Which topologies used in supercomputer?

Several different topologies are used in supercomputing. A mesh architecture is one of the more common topologies out there. Mesh architectures are particularly well suited to applied simulations. The canonical example is a simulation of ocean weather patterns where each node in the supercomputer wi ( Full Answer )

How much does a business supercomputer cost?

There is no such thing as a business supercomputer. Supercomputerswere designed for solving scientific, engineering, and codebreaking problems that required very involved and repetitivecalculations and little input/output. Business computers were designed to do simple calculations thatrequired more ( Full Answer )

What type of people use supercomputer?

Super people. Actually, physicists, meteorologists, global warming people, etc. Anyone modeling complex behaviors that they can describe mathematically can use supercomputers to simulate the interaction of those behaviors. Also - engineers will be using them to model parts and whole cars witho ( Full Answer )

What OS does a supercomputer use?

Usually some distribution of Linux. Go to NASA's supercomputing section of their website and you will see that their 2 supercomputers run SUSE Linux. There are other examples, but historically Unix or Linux are most popular.

Where can you find a supercomputer?

If you had enough money than you could maybe pat IBM or another computer company to build you one. However, you would need a very large space to place this computer. The most current super computer is the Jaguar and was built by Cray at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Or you c ( Full Answer )

Does it take a supercomputer to play Crysis?

Not necessarilly, my pc has an intel core i5 650 cpu, ati radeon hd5770 graphics card and 4 gigabites of ddr3 memory. Crysis runs fairly well on it, take note that Crysis Warhead has better performance than Crysis because of cryengine 2.

What is the accuracy of supercomputer?

it depends on the software written for the computer its the software that controls the outcome the hardware just processes it

Which generation computer is a supercomputer?

There have been supercomputers in all generations of computers. As the definition of supercomputer is simply any computer having at least 10 times the performance of currently available high performance computers, the very fastest computers of any generation are supercomputers. It is usually sci ( Full Answer )

How superconductors are used in supercomputers?

Super computer and super conductor both are different applications. Super conductors used in hvac/hvda transmission system which can bear a high voltage/current, but the super computer means high speed.

What is the similarities of a laptop computer and a supercomputer?

A laptop and a computer or desktop is the average, day to day consumer computer on the market. Like dell or Hp. However a super computer is like an average day to day computer but with a kick! Your computer has like an intel i3 or i5 processor. Super computers have a much larger prossesor and theref ( Full Answer )

What is userization?

Userization is an economic model based on joint ownership. For the first time, this model has been proposed by Dr Andrej Poleev in his manuscript of the same title. Reference: A. Poleev. Userization. Enzymes, 2012.

What are the name of supercomputer?

it all depends on what super computer your onabout really .... here's a few super computers : PARAM ( india ) IBM ( america ) fujitsu ( im not sure ) EKA ( india ) Infiniband ( america ) graph 500 ( europe ) IBM Blue Gene/Q ( america ) Sequioa ( england )

What are the disadvantage and advantage of the supercomputers?

If by supercomputer you mean the very advanced computing machines such as the Roadrunner supercomputer or the Earth-Simulator supercomputer then the advantages are many. Supercomputers are extremely fast when compared to even the "fast" computers that the general public has at home. They hold a lot ( Full Answer )

What are the features of supercomputers?

>10 times the speed of fastest conventional computeravailable at the time . >10 times the memory capacity of conventional computersavailable at the time . only floating point arithmetic . traditionally used ECL for fastest speed, but this dissipatedlots of heat . in the late 1970s and later multi ( Full Answer )

What is the description of a supercomputer?

The usual definition of a supercomputer has been a computerdesigned to be at least 10 times as fast and with at least 10 timesthe main memory of the fastest standard commercially availablecomputer on the market at the same time. Usually supercomputers aredesigned to solve scientific and engineering ( Full Answer )

What is the memory of a supercomputer?

A supercomputer is usually defined as a computer with at least 10times the processing speed and at least 10 times the memory of thefastest standard commercially available model of computer.Supercomputers are traditionally optimized for high speed floatingpoint mathematical operations as used in scie ( Full Answer )

Who creates supercomputers?

A supercomputer is usually created by some of the large computermanufacturing companies or sometimes by inventors or scientists inuniversities.