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In the original, Kenichi Suzumura is Hikaru, Yoshinori Fujita is Kaoru.

In the dub, Todd Aberkorn is Hikaru and Greg Ayres is Kaoru.

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Q: Who are the voice actors for Hikaru and Kaoru?
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Which twin is Hikaru from Ouran High School Host Club?

Well Hikaru has more of a clear voice and a little more high pitch then Kaoru's. Kaoru has more of a nazley voice and just a little deeper then Hikaru (at times but sometimes Hikaru is depper) . And plus Kaoru is sometimes more of a nicer person then Hikaru (when they are out of middle school) and that's how i tell the difference hope this helped :)

Who are Hikaru and Kaoru?

Hikaru's hair is usually parted to the right (from OUR perspective, but his perspective it's parted to the left) and Kaoru's is usually parted to the left (again, from our perspective. From Kaoru's perspective, it's parted to the right). Also, in the anime, Hikaru's voice is lower, and firmer in the English sub. Kaoru's voice is higher pitched and softer. Also, according to Haruhi, when Kaoru isn't with Hikaru, "he is normal and well behaved, while Hikaru is noisy and has a bad mouth".

What is the differences between hikaru and kaoru?

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are identical twins from the anime/manga series Ouran High School Host Club. Hikaru is more outgoing and mischievous, while Kaoru is more calm and insightful. They both share a close bond and enjoy playing pranks on others together.

Why are Hikaru and Kaoru so awesome?

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are awesome because they are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. I mean, come on, there probably isn't one person on Earth who doesn't want to be them (or at least one of them).

Do Hikaru and Kaoru kiss?

In chapter 53 of the manga Kaoru kisses Hikaru on the cheek.

How can Haruhi tell the twins a pair?

If you mean apart she explains in the anime that she can tell because she sees Hikaru as a bit more devious than Kaoru. Everyone who watches the anime can tell from the difference in voice actors, though.

Does Hikaru Hitachiin have a twin?

Yes. His twin's name is Kaoru.

Did hikaru kiss haruhi?

No, not that I know of. The only one out of the Hitachi brothers is Kaoru, he kisses Haruhi on the cheek while Hikaru was there and Hikaru got jealous but Hikaru does love Haruhi and Kaoru loves her too but loves Hikaru more and doesn't want to lose their brotherly relationship and gives up on Haruhi so Hikaru can love someone not only himself or Kaoru only. Hope this Helped This is in the manga by the way. AKA: THE BEST MANGA BOOK SERIES EVA!! ♥♥

Do the twins like haruhi?

Kaoru and Hikaru both have romantic feelings for Haruhi but Kaoru steps back to let Hikaru come to realize his feelings for Haruhi and encourages Hikaru to pursue his feelings. At least that is what I got from the anime but those reading the manga will have a much better understanding, I would think.

When did Kaoru say Hikaru you really like Haruhi don't you to Hikaru in the anime Ouran Higschool Host Club?

I think that was in "The Twins Fight" , which was episode five.

Who were the cats in haruhi in wonderland on ouran?

In the Haruhi in Wonderland episode, Hikaru and Kaoru were playing the role of the cats.

What actors and actresses appeared in Juken no kamisama - 2007?

The cast of Juken no kamisama - 2007 includes: Hikaru Kikuzato Mitsuki Nagashima Riko Narumi Kaoru Yachigusa Tatsuya Yamaguchi