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Jewish peopleJehovah's WitnessesDisabled PeopleHomosexualsgypsiesand anyone else that adolf Hitler believed was not worthy enough to be a free person in Germany.
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Q: Who besides the Jews were put into concentration camps?
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What other race besides Jews were put into concentration camps?

gypsies, trade unionists and homosexuals

When was the first time Jews are put into concentration camps?

The first time Jews were placed in Concentration camps was in 1934.

Who put the Jews in concentration camps in 1938?


How did the Jews get to the concentration camps?

They were usually put onto trains.

What did Adolf Hitler do in 1935?

he put jews in concentration camps

Why were Jews put in a railroad cart?

to transport them to concentration camps

Where Jews taken from their parents and put to work?

Concentration Camps

When did the Nazis start puting Jews into concentration camps?

The first time Jews were put into concentration camps for being Jewish was after Kristalnacht, some were returned, some perished and others stayed in the system. In 1940 some were held in labour camps, but it was not really until 1941 that Jews were rounded up and put wholesale into concentration camps.

Why were Jews and other undesirables first imprisoned in concentration camps in early 1930's?

In the early 1930s Jews were not imprisoned in concentration camps. Others were put there to create a peaceful environment, political opponents, dissenters and criminals were the first people to be put in concentration camps.

What is the name for the camps that the Nazis put the Jews in?

Concentration & Extermination Camps.Concentration camps are where the inmates were forced to do hard labour and were tortured.Extermination camps, a.k.a death camps, where were the inmates were put straight to death by the gas chambers.

When were the Jews first put in the concentration camps?

I just answered this. It is from 1933 to 1945

How did the Nazis abuse the Jews?

The nazis killed the Jews, beat them, put them into concentration camps, and broke their buildings

What did the Nazis do to force the Jews to leave Germany?

they put up concentration camps to try and scare the Jews out of Germany

During which war did Hitler put the Jews in concentration camps?

world war 2

What did they do with clothing of the Jews in concentration camps?

It was generally recycled, put towards the war effort.

What was the point of the concentration camps?

The point of the conservations camps were to abuse the jews. And kill the or put them to work for the nazis own benefits

What horrible torture did the Nazis do to the Jews?

Hitler put some Jews into concentration camps and sometimes put them into thumb screws and tongue screws

Why did the Jewish people get put in the concentration camps?

They were put into the camps because the Nazis did not want Jews in their society, they were segregated so that other people did not have to interact with them.

How did concentration camps evolve?

Nazis hated Jews and were thinking of a way to punish the Jews and they thought of CC.As a Brit, I am sorry to say that concentration camps were originated by the British during the second Boer War (1899 - 1902).The British rounded up the Boer civilians and put them into the concentration camps. The families of the Boer fighters were put into the camps with poor food and hygiene.

How could the nazi party be responsible for the holocaust?

Because hitler hated the Jews so he put the Jews in concentration camps.

What is the purpose of the Warsaw Ghetto?

to kill jews and put them in concentration camps and also to hold them until they finished building the death camps.

Where did Hilter take the jews?

Hitler had the Jews taken to various Nazi concentration camps. One of the most well known camps was Auschwitz-Birkenau, where over a million Jews were put to death.

What happened to people who were found to be hiding Jews?

Hello! They we're killed or put in concentration camps.

Why would most of the concentration camps used for labor be located in Germany?

They were ALL located in Germany during the Holocaust besides a few in the taken-over Poland. They were all there because Germany was killing the Jews and they can't put the concentration camps on other countries' land. Besides, they didn't want anyone to know about them killing the Jews. Basically, this is a common sense answer, but still I have studied WW2 for a long time.

What other people besides Jews were put into the concentration camps?

Yes such as gays, blacks, people with deformities and gypsies. _______________ Not people with deformities, but anyone who did not fit in with the Nazi ideal. Also of course criminals.