Who brought breadfruit to the Caribbean?

Breadfruit was brought to the Caribbean in the eighteenth century as a staple part of the slaves' diet. Originally, the tree grew in the Polynesian islands, where it was called "ulu." The slaves didn't like the fruit, however, and refused to adopt it as a staple part of their food supply until years after abolition. Today, breadfruit is a standard element in local dishes.
Captain Bligh and his crew first tried to import the tree in 1787 from Tahiti. According to one source, however, the crew rebelled when the seeders soaked up more than their share of drinking water and Bligh rationed his men's water supply. During the rebellion, the dissenters set Bligh, his loyalists, and the trees adrift in the ocean. Bligh and his followers survived to make the trip again successfully in 1793.