Who built pueblos?

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Pueblo people lived in adobe houses known as pueblos, which are multi-story house complexes made of clay and strawand baked into hard bricks. These harden and become adobe stone. Both men and women of the tribe help the houses.

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Q: Who built pueblos?
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Why were pueblos built?

Pueblos are homes for some native American tribes.

Is their a difference between Pueblos and pueblos?

Yes. Pueblos are a people who are somewhat like the Aztecs. They built pueblos out of stone and adobe that surved as homes for them.

Why did they build pueblos?

They built pueblos so the people that lived in the pueblos could give food to the soldiers in the presidios

Were multistoried structures built by the Anasazi?


What different types of housing were built by the the anasazi?


What ancient Indian group built pueblos?

The Anasazi

What group built pueblos on mesas and on steep cliffs?


What kind of home did the anasaz i build into cliffsides?

There built pueblos

What type of home did the ZUNI build?

The Zuni built many pueblos.

What materials were used to built pueblos?

dirt gras leaves small sticks

Which Native American culture group built pueblos and irrigated their fields?


Why did people build pueblos rather than other types of structures?

ANSWER:Pueblos kept people warm in the winter and cool in the summer. :) hope it helped!ANSWER:The Pueblo Indians built pueblos because straw, sand, and clay were plentiful. Additionally, the area where the Pueblo Indians lived was a desert, so they didn't have to worry about rainfall destroying their homes. Pueblos were good permanent dwellings for them, since they were farmers, and they were built as if they were several story apartment buildings.

What type of shelter did the Anasazi Indian have?

They lived in cliff dwellings, and pit houses.They built pueblos.they are made from rock

What every day activities did the pueblos do?

Well they built cooked cleaned made clothes grew crops when could

What were houses like in the West?

They built Pueblos. Oh and that is for the Southwest also.=) im not a nerd i love Derya and Anisa

Why were pueblos founded?

Native Americans needed a place to live and formed communities and built adobe made homes.

What was the pueblos made out of?

Pueblos were made out of clay

What is the difference between Pueblos and pueblos?


What did the Tigua Indians live in?


Is the pueblos environment clean?

Is the pueblos environment clean?

What were Spanish towns in America?

They were called "Pueblos"pueblos

Who were the pueblos enimes?

the pueblos enimes where the native americans

What did the people in pueblos and on ranchos do?

What did the people in pueblos and on rancos do.

How many pueblos are in Alta California?

4 pueblos

What landforms do the pueblo people have around them?

The Pueblos usually built their homes into the sides of cliffs. Therefore, they had mountains and plateaus all around them.