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Who built the Chartres Cathedral?

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It was built under the direction of Bishop Fulbert and later Geoffroy de Leves.

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When was the chartres cathedral built?

This magnificent Cathedral was built in 1194 C.E. in France and it took over 66 years to finish it!

What are the directions to Chartres Cathedral?

Chartres Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres is located in Chartres town, about 50 miles from Paris in France. Chartres Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site and considered an excellent example of Gothic architecture style in the world.

Where can you find the Chartres Cathedral?

chartres, France

How long did it take to build Chartres cathedral?

It took 57 years to build Chartres cathedral.

Who was painter of the cathedral of Notre Dame Chartres?

Lauren Artress was the one who used the design for the Labryinth of the Chartres Cathedral.

Who made Chartres Cathedral?

Chartres Cathedral was made by Bishop Fulbert and was later fixed by Geoffroy de Leves.

The Gothic cathedrals were built primarily during the?

Gothic cathedrals were built primarily during the High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages. Notre Dame Cathedral and Chartres Cathedral are famous examples.

Is chartres cathedral still being used today?

how is the chartres cathedarl used today

How many statues are in Chartres Cathedral?

4,000 statues are in this cathedraln of chartres! amazing right?

How many people visit the Chartres Cathedral?

Chartres Cathedral in France receives 1. 5 million visitors per year. The original groundbreaking for the cathedral took place in 1145 and it was completed in 1220.

Where is chartres cathedral?

In Chartres, a medieval city in the north of France, 90km West-South-West of Paris.

What structure in Chartres took 100 years to build?


Is Chartres cathedral - Catholic or protestant?

It's Catholic.

How do you make the Chartres Cathedral?

Can you reformulate the question? What do you mean by "how do you make?

How many people died building the chartres cathedral?


What religious relic does chartres cathedral house?

The tunic of the Virgin's

What are the release dates for Ancient Megastructures - 2007 Chartres Cathedral 1-3?

Ancient Megastructures - 2007 Chartres Cathedral 1-3 was released on: USA: 2007

A very famous french medieval cathedral is?

One famous French medieval cathedral (out of many) would be Chartres Cathedral or, in French and more properly, "Basilique Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres". Completed in 1220, this cathedral is very well preserved, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is stunning to behold.

What search terms would yield pages containg the words buttress or flying but not the phrase chartres cathedral?

The search term buttress flying -"Chartres Cathedral" would yield those pages.

What did Chartres Cathedral claim as its most cherished relic?

Tradition has it that the tunic of the Virgin Mary was kept in the Cathedral of Chartres, France. Over hundreds of years beginning in AD 876, pilgrims traveled to Chartres to view the cloak which supposedly was worn by the mother of Jesus Christ.

What is the shartes cathedael?

Chartres Cathedral is in France and of course is a large church.

Which medieval cathedral is famous for its 173 stained glass windows?


A very famous french medieval cathedral?

Notre Dame Chartres Amiens

Whereabouts in Paris is Chartres Cathedral located?

Chartres is about 100 km (60 miles) SW of Paris. It can easily be visited in a day-trip from Paris.

In the Jeweled City The Cathedral of Chartres what was the symbolic meaning of a medieval pilgrimage?

the pilgrimage as a microcosm of life.

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