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The Jews built the Temple under the authority of King Solomon.

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Q: Who built the Hebrew temple at Jerusalem?
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Which civilization supplied much of the materials needed for the building of the Hebrew temple?

There was only one Hebrew temple in ancient times. It was built in Jerusalem and the stone was quarried locally.

What and where is Solomon's temple?

Solomon's temple was built in Jerusalem on the "Temple Mount". It was a temple built to house the "Ark of the Covenant".

Where was the temple located that Solomon built for the LORD?

According to the information provided in Hebrew Bible the Temple of Solomon was built in Jerusalem, situated on the Temple Mount (Mount Zion). However, the temple was destroyed in 587 BCE during the siege of Jerusalem.

Who built the first holy temple in Jerusalem?

King Solomon built the first temple in Jerusalam.

What city was the temple located in?

In the bible the temple was built in the city of Jerusalem, that is if you are asking about the magnificent temple built by King Solomon.

Who erected a beautiful temple of Jerusalem?

King olomon built the beautiful temple.

Who built the temple in Jerusalem that was later destroyed?

There were two temples in Jerusalem that were destroyed. The first was built by King Solomon and the second was built by King Herod.

What is the capital city of israel and where the temple of the Lord was built?


What did the Babylonians do to the First Temple built by the Jews in Jerusalem?

They destroyed it.

What is in the temple of Jerusalem?

The Israelite/Hebrew/Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. It stood on the place called the Temple Mount / Har HaBayit, of which the Kotel ("Western Wall", "Wailing Wall") is the only surviving component. So there is presently nothing in the 'temple of Jerusalem', as there has been no temple of Jerusalem for over 1900 years.

What did king Solomon do in Jerusalem?

King Solomon the son of King david built the great temple in Jerusalem.

Who built the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount in Jerusalem?

mohammed raza