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A number of different people: * The master mason * Quarrymen * Woodcutters * Smiths * Miners * Ditchers * Carters * Carpenters

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Q: Who built the first castles?
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When were castles first built in England?

the first castles were built in aroundAD900.

Where were castles first built?

The first castles ever built were in sri lanka.

How were the first castles built?

Castles were built out of stones or bricks.

When did castles first built in England?

Castles were first built in 1066, this was mainly due to the battle of hastings

When were first castles ever built?

Castles were first built in 1000's IN EUROPE. They were built before that in other continents, in Asia the were being built in 300 BC

Who built the medievil castles?

William the Conqueror built the first wooden ones but kings after him also built their own castles.

What are some castles built by William?

motte and bailey castles were the first castles built by william and later stone castles came around they were first rectangular but then were made circular which was better defence. e.t.c. ;-)

When were castles first built and why?

built as protection for invaders

When were the first castles built?

One of the oldest castles is in France built in 950 for defense against the Vikings.

When were stone castles first built?

by the 1100s castles were made out of stone.

When were castles first invented?

they were built when facebook was was built lol

Who built Stone keep castles?

William the Conqueror first built stone keep castles to show that he is not scared of the British

Who built the first stone castles?

willam the great built the first stone castle

When was the first concentric castles built?

king edward built the first concentric castle

Where were the first Norman castles built?


What was the first Norman castles built of?


What was the first castles built with?

wood and stones

What was medieval castles made of?

Medieval castles were built for protection and not for comfort. The first castles were built using wood but, were found to burn easily. Stone was then used in replacement of wood.

What year were motte and bailey castles first built?

Motte and Bailey castles were first built in 1066 by King William I (William the Conqueror) in England after the battle of hastings.

Why was concentric castles built?

They were built, to be better than the other castles and the truth is that they are the best protected castles that were built. :)

Are the first build castles or stone fortifications ever built by Africans?

The first stone castles or fortifications, were built in Medieval England while William the Conqueror ruled. They were not built by Africans but by English peasants.

Why where castles built in the first place?

Castles built by King William where built to stop the amount of rebellions that they where having. The first version of castles that he built where motte and bailey castles (made out of wood). This worked. He built many of them around the country and forced people by fright to do what he told them to. Soon, he changed some of the castles to concentric castles (made out of stone). These didn't catch on fire easily, rott quickly and are very strong. These enforced Williams laws even more and also protected his country from invasions.

What were the first castles like and who built them?

The first castle were a defencestructure or a fortress. Monarch (royalty) or nobles were the usual residents of these castles.

Who built the first middle age castles?


What were Norman castles built on?

Norman castles were built on mounds.