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Heydrich was the one ordered to come up with the Final Solution.

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Who came up with the Final Solution and why?

Heinrich was the person that came up with the Final Solution.

Who invented the concentration camps during the holocaust?

Hitler and his generals came up with the “final solution “ to kill all the Jewish population of Europe.

What three steps did Hitler's Final Solution consist of?

The Final Solution started quite late into the Holocaust. The order for the planning of the Final Solution was only given in June of 1940. Three stages could be: planning, implementation and covering-up.

Why was the Holocaust called final solution?

The Final Solution wasn't the Holocaust. The Holocaust was an event with the mass murders of other 16 Million people. the Final Solution was part of the Holocaust where top SS Officers disincluding Heinrich Himmler meeted up and decide on what to do with the Jews and the Final Solution was the plan to deal with what they call "The Jewish problem". This involved the beginnings of the mass killings which during this time, The Final Solution was responsible for most of the killings during the Holocaust.The Final Solution is commonly confused in being the Holocaust but the Final Solution was an event/plan in dealing with issues about the Holocaust.________________No, the term Holocaust came into widespread use in the late 1970s to replace the expression Final Solution (of the the Jewish Question). The latter was the Nazis' own term (Endloesung der Judenfrage) and was widely considered offensive. Here's a definition of the Holocaust by Professor Richard Evans, who appeared as an expert witness in the Irving versus Lipstadt and Penguin Books, Ltd case:The standard work by the distinguished Canadian historian Michael Marrus, TheHolocaust in History, focused on, to use his own words, 'the Holocaust, the systematic mass murder of European Jewry by the Nazis'. Similarly, Sir Martin Gilbert, in his documentary compilation, The Holocaust: The Jewish Tragedy( London, 1986), concurred in referring to 'the systematic attempt to destroy all European Jewry - an attempt now known as the Holocaust'. Another author, Ronnie S. Landau, put forward a similar definition in his book, The Nazi Holocaust: 'The Holocaust involved the deliberate, systematic murder of approximately 6 million Jews in Nazi-dominated Europe between 1941 and 1945.'Richard J. Evans, Telling Lies About Hitler: The Holocaust, History and the David Irving Trial, Verso, London and New York, 2002, pp. 113-4.

Who were implementers of the final solution during the holocaust?

most police forces in occupied Europe helped round up the Jews and hand them over to the Nazis, it took the help of many groups as well as the Nazis to implement the Final Solution.

Was Benito Mussolini responsible for the final solution plan?

No. It was actually Reinhard Heydrich who came up with the idea.

How was the final solution supposed to be carried out?

The Nazi's wanted to wipe out the entire Jewish population. But, the problem was that they didn't have anywhere to bury the dead bodies. So, they came up with a final solution. They final solution was after they killed somebody they would burn them in the oven. After that they would take the ashes and dump them somewhere such as a nearby river.

What was the name of Hitler's plan to eliminate Jews?

"The Final Solution." Or "Final Solution." Often referred to in Nazi documents as "The Final Solution to the Jewish Question". Note that Hitler never actually came up with a specific plan - his subordinates (led by Himler and Heydrich) gathered together a committee to devise the actual plan, at the direction of Hitler.

Where did many of the Jews end up during the final solution?

Most of the Jews in Nazi controlled areas ended up dead. After all, that was the purpose of the 'Final Solution'.

What was the jewsish Question?

while the Jews during the second world war were crowded up in ghettos Hitlers was thinking up of a way to get rid of them. he came up with the final solution ( to send them all to concentration camps and kill them there)

What is an example sentence with the word solution?

I came up with a solution for 758+1,500,635. The solution is 1,501,393.

Why was Himmler to blame for the final solution?

Himmler wasn't the one who actually came up with the overall plan for the "Final Solution" That was Reinhard Heydrich, one of Himmler's subordinates. Heydrich was assassinated in Czechoslovakia by the underground shortly after the Wannsee Conference, January 12, 1942. Credit for the Final Solution was then taken by Himmler who presented the idea on September 6, 1943 at the Posen Conference. Bare in mind, this was not the beginning of persecution of the Jews; it was merely the implementation of Systematic Genocide.

How do you calculate the concentration of two mixed solutions?

calculate final molarity of the solution if 11ml of 5m solution is made up to 20ml

How was the gestapo used in the final solution?

Basically the Gestapo were not used. They were responsible for helping round Jews up or arresting other undesirables, but this was part of their normal duties as policemen, not part of the Final Solution.

What are some of the key facts about the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was a notable and tragic event in history, occurring during the period of World War II. Adolf Hitler, in command of the Nazi party, developed 'The Final Solution' in which he staged a genocide of all Jews by setting up extermination camps. Although the plan was not successful, over 11 million lives were lost.

Whose idea was the Holocaust?

Hitler started the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler, who became leader of the Nazi Party or NSDAP in the 1930s, attributed many of Germany's problems to the Jewish minority, already antagonized in Germany. Eventually, the party caused violence against Jews to escalate, and on Kristallnacht (night of the broken glass), Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues were vandalized, raided, and destroyed. Hitler ordered that Jews be moved to Ghettos, hoping that they would eventually starve and fight each other to death. This taking to long, Hitler came up with the "Final Solution", the genocide known widely as the Holocaust.

What was Canada's position during the Holocaust in WW2 Did they turn a blind eye when the Holocaust subject came up?

In the period 1933-1939 Canada admitted very few refugees from Nazi persecution.

Why were the Jews discriminated by the Nazis?

Because the definition of Aryan was being of the Zoroastianism religon. In all actuality, Hitler's ideas for being Aryan was totally wrong. But he felt they were true so he came up with the final solution.

Is Birbal a legend?

Birbal was not a legend . He was clever and alays came up with a new solution

What effect did the final solution have?

The final solution was a fundametal change in Nazi policy towards the Jews. Up until that point the Nazis had either deported Jews or placed them in Ghettos or concentration camps and used them as forced labour. With the final solution the Nazis actively pursued a policy of deliberate murder of Jews on an industrial scale.

What should you do if you spill sodium hydroxide solution on your skin?

Lick it up with your tongue then cut the body part/parts that came in contact with the solution.

What did the allies set up in the year of the Holocaust?

There was no single 'year of the Holocaust' ...

When did the Final Solution begin?

The Nazi mobile killing units first went into action in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 25 June 1941.Routine mass gassings started at Chelmno on 8 December 1941. (There had been some earlier experimental gassings).The systematic killings and the Holocaust are usually taken to be the same thing.The start of the Holocaust is now often given as June 1941. Almost immediately after the start of the German invasion of the Soviet Union mobile death squads started to operate in the areas occupied by German army.It used to be common to date the start of the Holocaust from the Wannsee Conference of January 1942. However, this was a quite short meeting concerned with administative matters. The policy decision had already been taken and at a much higher level.The persecution of the Jews by the Nazis began soon after they came to power in January 1933, and many Jews were killed by the Nazis before the Holocaust began. The position of the Jews in Germany became particularly bad from late 1938 onwards.From November 1939 onwards the Nazis set up ghettos in Polish cities such as Warsaw, Lodz and Lublin. Conditions in these ghettos soon became very bad indeed and death-rates rose sharply.(The Holocaust ended finally in May 1945).The Final Solution was the Nazi genocide of the Jews in 1941-1945. It did not have 'stages', but if your teacher thinks it did, then look at the related question.The Final Solution was final and didn't really have 'stages'. If you mean 'When did the Nazi genocide of the Jews begin?' there is no single agreed date, as it started piecemeal in the June-December 1941. The traditional idea that Hitler barked out a single order, and that the Holocaust (Final Solution) started with a 'big bang' on a definite date is rejected by practically all historians of the Holocaust). However, you may wish to note the following dates:25 June 1941: The German mobile killing units went into action in Kaunas, Lithuania.8 December 1941: Routine mass gassings started at Chelmno.Obviously, the 'invention' of fixed gas chambers marked a significant intensification of the Holocaust/Final Solution.1941, and it was stopped in 1945.1941It started in 1942 after the Wannsee conference, Here some stuff about the Wannsee conference and some qutoes from the conference.On January, 20, 1942, Reinhard Heydrich, Himmler's second in command of the SS, convened the Wannsee Conference in Berlin with 15 top Nazi bureaucrats to coordinate the Final Solution (Endlösung) in which the Nazis would attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe, an estimated 11 million persons."Europe would be combed of Jews from east to west," Heydrich stated.The minutes of that meeting have been preserved but were edited by Heydrich substituting the coded language Nazis used when referring to lethal actions to be taken against Jews."Instead of emigration, there is now a further possible solution to which the Führer has already signified his consent - namely deportation to the east," Heydrich stated for example when referring to mass deportations of Jews to ghettos in occupied Poland and then on to the soon-opened death camps at Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka."...eliminated by natural causes," refers to death by a combination of hard labor and starvation."...treated accordingly," refers to execution by SS firing squads or death by gassing - also seen in other Nazi correspondence in a variety of connotations such as "special treatment" and "special actions" regarding the Jews.It was the term used at the Wansee Conference of 1942, as a way to describe the escalation of the Holocaust. The whole phrase refers to "the final solution to the Jewish question", implying that the aim was to completely destroy all European Jews through systematic genocide.The Holocaust (and the "Final Solution") were brought to an end in May 1945, with the collapse of the Nazi government and the surrender of Germany to the Allied forces.The Final Solution is the same as the Holocaust. Please see the related question.The Final Solution was secret and there was never any 'announcement'._____Well, there were a couple. (but they happened well after the Final Solution started).______The second answer would be more plausible if the dates and places of the announcements were named.There was never any public announcement of the Final Solution.

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