Who can break the tie?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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The president can break the tie because he/she is the boss.

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Q: Who can break the tie?
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What is a word for innings break?

The word is tie or tie game. It is the cause for extra innings to break the tie.

Who breaks the tie?

The president can break the tie because he/she is the boss.

When does a tie-break occur in a game of tennis?

At 6 all in a set, then you play a 7-point-tie break. Sometimes, you play a 10-point-tie break in the lieu of the third set... it depends. To improve on this answer I have played tennis for years so in a set you play a tie breaker in a 5 all set

Why does a tie rod break?

Eventual wear and tear (metal stress), as well as rust, will cause a tie rod break.

How do you break a tie in yahtzee?


What are periods of play without a break in tennis called?

tie break

Can a tie rod on a Toyota Sienna break with no warning?

In most cases the tie rod will not break without giving warning signs. As the tie rod becomes worn you will experience vibration in the steering will.

What does 7 6 7 mean in tennis scoring?

the first two numbers show that the set was decided by a tie break, as its only in a tie break that the game tally can be 7-6. The last number shows you the number of points that the person who lost the set got in that tie break, in this case, is 7. This tells you that the person who won the set got 2 more points in the tie break, i.e. 9. So 7-6 (13) means it went all the way to 15-13 in the tie break.

What year was the tie break introduced in tennis?


Who Act as president of the senate?

The Vice President of the United States is the President of the Senate.. He can not vote unless there is a tie but he can vote to break a tie. Such is his only power.

What invention was first used at Wimbledon in 1974?

The Tie Break

What is a tie break?

It is the last resort to see who wins that "game"