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Who can use the Texas farm use tax law?

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Q: Who can use the Texas farm use tax law?
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what tax firms do I use for the 480-a forest tax lax?

what tax forms do I use for the 480-a forest tax law? what forms do I use for the New York State forest tax law 480-a?

Is a ATV legal for farm use in Texas?

yes it is as long as it is your farm and you can prove its your land

Do you have to pay sales tax on the pruchase of fire extinguishers for use in a business in Texas?

SALES TAX IN NYC- Are fire extinquishers taxable

What is the sales tax on Texas?

The Texas state sales and use tax rate is 6.25%, but local taxing jurisdictions (cities, counties, special purpose districts, and transit authorities) may also impose sales and use tax up to 2% for a total maximum combined rate of 8.25%.

What has the author Richard E Nielsen written?

Richard E. Nielsen has written: 'California sales and use tax answer book' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, Law and legislation, Use tax, Sales tax

What are the disadvantages of sin tax law?

Sin tax is a tax placed on items that are considered harmful to human health. The disadvantages of the sin tax is whether or not these taxes actually discourage use of the products that the tax is trying to prevent.

What sales tax would you use if you bought a car in Maryland but live in Texas?

6.25% if titled in TX

Texas residents-who do you use for your auto insurance company?

It depends on where you live in Texas. In Plano, I use the State Farm office at 3600 Preston Road for my auto insurance. The office number is 972.867.0090.

What is the sales tax of Texas?

The state sales tax in Texas is 6.25%. Cities, counties, transit authorities and other "public" authorities may may impose sales and use taxes up to 2% in addition to the state tax, capping the total combined sales tax at 8.25% for any location within the state.

How do you determine the tax on a piano brought from Mexico to US crossing the border in Laredo Texas?

Perhaps you mean US customs fee? Or your own State Use tax?

Income tax on income from poultry farm?

Go to the web site and use the search box for Publication 225 (2009), Farmer's Tax GuideClick on the below Related Link

What has the author Marilyn A Wethekam written?

Marilyn A. Wethekam has written: 'Sales and use taxes' -- subject(s): States, Law and legislation, Drop shipments, Taxation, Use tax, Sales tax

What vehicles qualify for farm use?

usually a truck or spot utillity vehicle used in the production of livestock or crops. vehicle can not be driven to work, but can be used for shopping dr. visits etc. these are Texas rules as i understand them.Farm useAny vehicle really, but lets be realistic a sedan type car has no use as a farm vehicle and you would have a hard time justifying it. A farm use vehicle is exempt from gasoline tax as it is an off road vehicle and state taxes for road improvement or use taxes do not apply, they are meant never to leave farm property or be driven on roads except when the distance between fields makes road travel necessary. You need to think of it as a tractor and limit its use to the same criteria IE: you would not drive a tractor to the grocery store.

Tax avoidance and tax evasion in the Philippines?

Tax Evasion is the use by the taxpayer of illegal or fraudulent means to defeat or reduce the payment of a tax. It is punishable by law.Examples: Deliberate failure to report taxable income or property; deliberate reduction of income that has been received.Tax Avoidance is the use by the taxpayer of legally permissible means or methods in order to avoid or reduce tax liability. It is not punishable by law.Examples: Situations where a person refrains from engaging in some activity or enjoying some privilege in order to avoid the incidental taxation or to lower his tax bracket for a taxable year to avoid the higher rate of tax.Tax evasion should be applied to the escape from taxation accomplished by breaking the letter of the law for example deliberate omission to report a taxable item. Tax avoidanceon the other hand, covers escape, accomplished by legal means which may be contrary to the intent of the sponsors of the tax law but nevertheless do not violate the letter of the law.

What sales tax rate would you use if you buy a car in Illinois but live in Texas?

Illinois, because Illinois has made the sale; therefore, Illinois must charge you and pay the sales tax.

Is it legal to remove the catalytic converter on a 1985 ford F-150 if it has farm tags in the state of Texas?

It will not be legal for on road use.

I am an Oklahoma resident who bought a car in Texas They charged me Texas Sales Tax should I get that refunded because I am NOT a Texas resident?

You will not be refunded. If the transaction takes place in Texas, you will pay Texas sales tax appropriate to that county. If a Texan were purchase an auto in Okla, they would pay Okla taxes. Fair is fair. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I was under the impression you only pay sales tax to the state in which you register a vehicle. If the dealer got you an Okla. registration no harm done. If not show the sales tax receipt to the motor vehicle clerk when you register the vehicle or they will charge you tax too, and if they do the dealer had no right to charge you and you should demand a refund. yes u should ======================== The first answer is correct. If you buy a vehicle out of the state you reside, you do have the option to buy the vehicle on a temporary tag and then pay the taxes and register the vehicle when you return home. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you purchase a vehicle in Texas for use exclusively outside of Texas you are not required to pay Texas motor vehicle sales tax. You must also complete the Texas Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. (Texas Administrative Code / Title 34 / Part 1 / Chapter 3 / Subchapter F / Rule §3.90) Basically, if you are a resident of another state and buy a vehicle in Texas, you do not have to pay the 6.25% Texas motor vehicle sales tax.

How can you use exclusion laws in a sentence?

When referring to tax, an exclusion law is an item that is excluded from the gross income. An example sentence would be: Because of the exclusion laws, our tax refund was bigger.

What is the current law for children riding in the front seat in Texas?

There are no laws concerning children and front seats. There is a law about children and the use of child safety seats.

How can you buy a vehicle out of state in New Hampshire tax free and not pay sales taxes when I bring it back to Texas?

You can't, if you're a Texas resident. You automatically owe sales and use taxes on any goods you purchase for delivery or use in Texas as if you had purchased it locally. If you or the goods qualify as tax-exempt for some reason locally, the same exemption applies if you buy it elsewhere. As a general rule, whether or not you owe sales tax on something is determined by where you live, not where the seller happens to be doing business.

Why you use deemed profit in tax?

We use the deemed profit in tax because it simplifies the tax.

When a government passes a law granting citizens tax credits if they use public transportation on a regular basis which technique of policy enactment is it using?

When a government passes a law granting citizens tax credits if they use public transportation on a regular basis which technique of policy enactment is it using the technique of granting an incentive.

Is there a law on do school books given to students to use in the State of Texas by law need to be covered?

A Law? No School Policy which can be enforced, Yes. But its not like someone can put you in handcuffs for not covering your book.

How do you use farm in a sentence?

My farm is very small. My farm is overgrown with weeds.

How do you get a taxpayer ID for a condo association and what are the tax implications?

If your association is a legal entity, such as a non-profit corporation, you can apply for a tax ID, and use it to file income taxes. The tax implications are that you file a tax return and may be taxed on profits, if they exceed your expenses by the amount allowed by law. In addition to Federal taxes, you may also be responsible to file a state tax return and pay taxes on profits over a set amount. If you are a legal entity and you do not file tax returns, you are liable for the consequences of disobeying the tax law.