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Who can vote in us presidential elections?


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American citizens who are 18 or older are usually eligible to vote. (Some ex-criminals are barred from voting.) Advanced registration is required most places and a voter has to go to his assigned polling place.


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US presidential elections are held in early November.

It is part of the united states of america

The territories have no vote in Presidential elections. They do send voting delegates to the national nominating conventions.

Residents of Washington D.C. can vote in Presidential elections. The District of Columbia has three electoral votes.

You have to be a US citizen to be able to vote in the presidential elections. You can be a citizen by birth or a naturalized citizen.

The candidates have begun to try and convince voters to vote for them.

When were African Americans allowed to vote in presidential elections in the US?In:[Edit categories]

us indian above 16 yrs are allowed to vote above 18 yrs are allowed to vote presidential elections prime mistrial elections elections held after 4 yrs elections held after 5yrs it takes more than 6 months for the results it takes less than 6 months for the results

The presidential elections are held every four years.

Those were the only two US presidential elections that had to be decided by the US House of Representatives.

The next presidential election in the US will be in November of 2012. Elections are held in years that are divisible by 4.

People vote for a presidential candidate during a presidential election, which happens every four years. Registered voters are allowed to vote in elections.

The 23rd Amendment gave DC residents the right to vote in presidential elections. Congress' fear of a civilian revolt in Washington kept it without any rights until 1961, when the 23rd amendment to the Constitution for the first time allowed DC the right to vote in presidential elections.

Voters vote for the person that they think is best suited to become President.

Charlie Daniels could win the next United States presidential elections if he first wins the vote in the primary elections. He would also have to win the majority vote in the elections.

Not usually. It votes overwhelmingly Democratic.

I did vote in the 2008 Presidential election, and in as many other elections as possible. Contrary to popular belief, every vote counts. Often, elections are lost simply because too many voters thought "my vote doesn't matter" and stayed home.

For Presidential Elections, it is always the first Tuesday in November. Which, technically, if it was a year we vote, today would be Election Day. For all other elections, it varies.

No. But he can vote in Canadian elections.

If a Puerto Rican live in the states, YES! If the Puerto Rican live in Puerto Rico, NO!

Yes. Absolutely, but make sure you are properly registered and come to your assigned polling place. You never lose you right to vote just because you fail to vote, but if you miss enough elections, you may have to register again.

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