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American citizens who are 18 or older are usually eligible to vote. (Some ex-criminals are barred from voting.) Advanced registration is required most places and a voter has to go to his assigned polling place.

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Q: Who can vote in us presidential elections?
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What month you vote for president?

US presidential elections are held in early November.

Do people living outside the us get to vote in us presidential elections?

I think they do if they are American citizens.

Why do people from Puerto Rico vote US presidential elections?

It is part of the united states of america

Can residents of Washington D.C. vote in presidential elections?

Residents of Washington D.C. can vote in Presidential elections. The District of Columbia has three electoral votes.

How do US territories participate in the presidential election?

The territories have no vote in Presidential elections. They do send voting delegates to the national nominating conventions.

Why did more people vote in the 1828 elections than in previous presidential elections?

More men were eligible to vote

Why has the US presidential elections been in the paper recently?

The candidates have begun to try and convince voters to vote for them.

Can US citizens vote in elections?

yes, they can vote in elections in the USA

What year were African Americans first allowed to vote in a presidential election?

When were African Americans allowed to vote in presidential elections in the US?In:[Edit categories]

Do you need to be registered in the primaries to vote in the presidential elections?

you do need to register to vote and a picture id

Does Hawaiians usually vote Democratic or republican in presidential elections?


Can a state pass a law that allows children to vote in presidential elections?


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