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Bon Marley and the Wailers

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Q: Who composed the maori stick song e papa waiari?
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What is the maori meaning for Papa?


What is the Maori name for father?

papa, matua

How do you spell dad in Maori?

papa, or matua.

What does matua mean in maori?

It means father. Another word for father in Maori is Papa.

What is the maori name for village?

Kāinga, papa kāinga.

Papa is a maori word meaning for?


What does Te Papa mean in Maori language?

"Te Papa" means "the earth" 'te' means 'the' and 'papa' means 'earth'/'ground'

What does 'papa' mean in Maori?

Papa has a lot of meanings thus being 'father', 'ground' or a shortened form of Papatuanuku (Earth Mother).

What is Te Papa?

Te Papa is the name of a museum in New Zealand. Te Papa translates directly to container of treasures which is rooted in Maori poetry.

Maori earth god?

Papatuanuku (aka papa) is mother earth.

What were the Maori gods?

They were the children of Rangi and Papa. They were all male and there were 70 of them in total.

What does 'Papa Huihuinga' mean in the Maori language?

place of gathering...

What is the maori word for dad?

Matua or Papa. C/O Ngata Dictionary

What is papa retingaru?

Papa retingaru is a Maori word that means a surfboard in the English translation. It is an elongated platform that is used as a gear in the sport of surfing.

How do you say my dads name is in maori?

You would say: Ko (pronounced core) ...insert dad's name... toko (pronounced tourku-try not to pronounce r) papa so Ko (name) toko papa

How do you spell papa in french?


What is the transcript in Mad Papa?

The transcript in Mad Papa is that Papa was spoofed from Papa Smurf.

How do you say grandpa and papa in spanish?

Grandpa is Abuelo and papa is Papa

What does Whakapapa mean in Maori?

"Papa" means anything broad, flat and hard such as a flat rock. "Whakapapa" means to place in layers. It is for this reason that the word "Whakapapa" is used to describe the recitation in proper order of genealogies.

How did Lummi Sticks come into Girl Scout culture?

Known to Girl Scouts as Lummi Sticks (or incorrectly as Lemmi Sticks), E Papa, the New Zealand Maori Stick Game, has been included in various editions of Games for Girl Scouts. Lummi Sticks have been used by Girl Scouts when presenting events (wide games), especially those featuring various countries.

What does papa mean in kannada?


How do you say papa in Russian?


Is the papa John you see in the commercial the real papa John?

No, that is not the real Papa John.

How do you say papa in hawaiian?

pa or papa

What is the plural of papa?

The plural of papa is papas.