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Who conquered the incas of Peru?

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Francisco Pizzaro

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Conquered the incas of Peru?

discovered the Pacific Ocean

The Indians of Peru who were conquered by the Spaniard Pizarro?

the incas.

Who conquered the Inca Indians Peru?

The Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incas.

Who conquered the Aztecs and Inca's?

The Montezuma conquered the Aztecs in Mexico and Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incas in Peru.

What Indian tribe in Peru was conquered by Francisco Pizarro?

The Incas!!

What were Francisco Pizarros accomplishments?

He conquered the Incas and became governor of Peru

Who was the spanish conquistador that conquered the incas?

Francisco Pizarro was the spanish conquistador who secured Peru for spain by conquering the Incas.

What Spanish explorer conquered the Incas in Peru and founded Lima in 1535?


What Two Indian tribes Spain conquered for their wealth were the?

"Two Indian tribes Spain conquered for their wealth were the Aztecs of Mexico and Incas of Peru." Cortes conquered the Aztecs by tricking them and Pizarro conquered the Incas by threating them. Hope this helps!

What was piloto mayor?

The ship that Francisco Pizarro took when he and his men conquered the Incas in Peru.

When were the Incas conquered?

The Incas were conquered in 1532.

What year were the Incas conquered?

The Incas were conquered in 1533.

Did Fransisco Pizarro conquer Spain?

No, Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incas and founded Lima, the capital of Peru.

Who had cuzco for their capital?

The Incas had their capital at Cuzco, in Peru, when they were conquered by the Spanish under Francisco Pizarro in 1536.

Did Pizarro conquer the Toltecs of Peru or the Incas of Peru?

It Was The Incas Dur

Who eventually conquered the Incas?

The Spanish conquistadors eventually conquered the Incas.

Where did Pizarro conquer?

Pizarro conquered the Inca civilization of Peru. Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador who defeated the Incas in 1532 and established Lima, now the capital city of Peru.

Why did the Spaniards conquer the Inca kings and Peru?

The Spanish conquered the Incas and Peru because Peru had a lot of gold and silver and the Spanish wanted it. They did not go into the jungle where the people just have the clothes on their backs. They followed the gold.

How long did the Incas flourish and who conquered them?

The Incas flourished from 1200 to 1535. Then the Spanish conquered them.

Who were the Indians of Peru that were conquered by Pizarro?

With only 180 Spanish soldiers, 67 horses, and 3 cannons, Pizarro defeated the Incas.

Where were the Incas?

In Peru

Who once ruled Peru the Aztecs or the Incas?

The Incas

Which conquistadors conquered the Aztecs and the Incas?

Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztecs and Francisco Pizzaro conquered the Incas. haha this was a question in my homeworkk.

Who is the conqueror of the Incans and Mayans of Peru?

They were at different time periods. The Mayans were way before the Incas who were conquered by Pizarro. The Mayans slowly died out.

Where do the Incas live?

the incas live in modern day Peru