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The one that controls the computer hardware are the softwares installed in the computer, as well as the installed drivers of a particular hardware such as the monitor.

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What is Software that controls the hardware attached to the computer?

System software are the software that controls the hardware attaches to the computer.

What controls access to the hardware of a computer?

with the help of system software we can access to the computer hardware........

Which program controls the hardware and software in a computer?

The operating system can control the software and hardware in a computer. It is the most important piece of software in a computer.

Which computer component controls the hardware and enables you to tell computer what to do?

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) assigns tasks to the hardware within the computer.

What controls the hardware attached to the computer?

The operating system communicates with computer hardware using small programs called drivers.

Which software controls all the software and hardware on the computer?

As we know that software is of 2 types but os guided all the computer hardware as well as other software

Is a set of computer programs that runs or controls the computer hardware and acts as a user interface?

generally a program which lets you interact with your hardware and acts as a user interface is the Operating System.

Is a vga connector hardware or software?

A VGA connector is Hardware. Hardware is any physical. For example your hard-drive is hardware. Software is what uses and controls the hardware. So any programs that you have installed on your computer is software.

What is a computer monitor most used for?

A computer monitor is used to display the data and graphics that are stored in your hardware. It controls the contrast, light and display for the computer.

What does a computer BIOS do?

allows your PC to boot and controls settings for essential PC functions on a hardware level.

What is the accuracy of supercomputer?

it depends on the software written for the computer its the software that controls the outcome the hardware just processes it

How a operating system is related to computer hardware?

The operating system (OS) controls the hardware. A successful computer system will have hardware and an operating system. Application software is not required. All operating systems have a low level, or machine language to run the operation system and control all hardware.

What other task operating systems perform?

The operating system is the central nervous system of the computer, it controls fan speed to cool down your devices, it controls the settings for your computer, it moves the mouse cursor on the screen when you move the mouse. The operating system does everything you do. The video card is only as useful as the system hardware, but what controls the hardware? The operating system.

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