Who created the akatsuki?

Madara Uchiha created the Akatsuki, he created it in hopes of restoring his mangekyou sharingan to it's former power, but he placed Pain as the leader and acted as a goofy ninja to cover up, Tobi is actually Madara Uchiha.


This is my answer:

I'm pretty sure this is how the akatsuki were created, Nagato ( controller of Pain) was small when the war happened, 2 ninja killed his parents and he became an orphan, but another orphan helps hims, konan. She leads him to a hideout where he meets yahiko, another war orphan. Yahiko's dream was ruling the world and ensuring world peace. As years passed, they met the 3 sanin of the leaf village, and Jiraya, their new sensei. They learned ninjitsu. As they grew up,Yahiko, created the Akatsuki, many followed this poltical peace movement, and that how the Akatsuki were created.