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Who created the perl programming language?

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It was invented by Larry Wall in the mid-1980's (first posted to the 'comp.sources' Usenet newsgroup in late 1987). Perl has rapidly become the language of choice for writing programs quickly and robustly across a wide range of fields - ranging from systems administration, text processing, linguistic analysis, molecular Biology and (most importantly of all) the creation of dynamic World Wide Web pages. It has been estimated that about 80% of dynamic webpages worldwide are being created by Perl programs.

More and more companies are realizing that setting up a glitzy Website with lots of pretty Web pages is not enough. The Web really becomes an effective tool for you and your customers when E-Commerce steps in - when your Website is linked seamlessly to your corporate information systems.

A typical example of this is using the Web to take orders from customers.

To provide these sort of service you need to create dynamic web pages based on Web forms and image maps, often retrieving information from relational database systems. Perl provides excellent support for creating dynamic web pages and connecting to databases.

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What are some facts about Perl?

Perl is a programming language. Perl is an interpreted programming language. Perl is very useful for shell scripts, application programming, and web applications. Perl is quite easy to learn. Perl can be, but does not have to be, object-oriented. Perl was created by Larry Wall. Perl has probably the best implementation of regular expressions in existence.

When was Programming Perl created?

Programming Perl was created in 1991.

When was Advanced Perl Programming created?

Advanced Perl Programming was created in 2005.

When was Perl Data Language created?

Perl Data Language was created in 1996.

What has the author Larry Wall written?

Larry Wall has written: 'Programming Perl' -- subject(s): Perl (Computer program language), Programming languages, Programming Languages, Computadores (software), PERL

Which programming language is used to develop Microsoft office?

perl language

Who developed the Perl programming language?

The Perl programming language was developed by Larry Wall in 1987. It has since been more developed by programmers to revamp the language. In 2000 developers announced a complete overhaul of the language.

What is the most common programming language of CGI scripts?


What are the two types of programming language?

C++, Perl, Fortran

What language is used for robot programming?

C language

What can the Faker from Perl be used for?

The Faker from Perl can be used to generate fake data. If Faker is used while writing in the Perl programming language then fake data will be created and can be used to test various formats of data.

What programming language has been called the duct tape of the Internet?

The answer is: Perl.

How reliable is Perl?

This question is very nearly meaningless. Perl is a programming language; the reliability of any given Perl program depends on the talent and insight of the programmer.

What is Perl programming used for?

The Perl Programming system is used to script language for computer tasks or programs. It can write scripts for science, finance, graphics and system administration programs.

Which programming language came first Perl or ASP?

Perl is the older of the two. Perl was created by Larry Wall in 1987 (ref. Active Server Pages (ASP) was created by Microsoft as an add-on to their Internet Information Services (IIS) around 1996 (ref.

What is the computer program Perl and how do you use it?

Perl is a programming language, and to use it requires many hours of reading about it and of practice writing programs in it.

How use perl in bioinformatics?

Perl is a powerful and flexible scripting programming language, making it very helpful for manipulating data in bioinformatics research.

What is PERL acronym for?

Practical Extraction and Report Language. It is a programming language used by websites and many other things.

Where can one find information about Learning Perl?

There are a number of sites that provide information about how to learn the Perl programming language. They include Learn Perl, Learning Perl and Perl Tutorial Hub. Amazon and other good booksellers have a wide range of Perl books available.

What has the author Peter Wainwright written?

Peter Wainwright has written: 'Pro Perl' -- subject(s): Internet programming, Object-oriented programming (Computer science), Perl (Computer program language) 'Pro Apache' -- subject(s): Apache (Computer file : Apache Group), Computer programs, Web servers 'Professional Perl programming' -- subject(s): Perl (Computer program language) 'Memories of mining industry'

When was Polymorphic Programming Language created?

Polymorphic Programming Language was created in 1969.

When was the Ceylon programming language created?

Ceylon - programming language - was created in 2011.

Which is the most popular programming language used for CGI programs?

Perl is the most popular language used for CGI programs.

Which language is nicknamed as Swiss army chainsaw of programming languages due to its flexibility and adaptability?

The answer is Perl

What has the author Joseph N Hall written?

Joseph N. Hall has written: 'Effective Perl programming' -- subject(s): Perl (Computer program language)