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Q: Who created the tuxedo?
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When was Tuxedo Junction created?

Tuxedo Junction was created in 1939.

When was Tuxedo - vaudeville - created?

Tuxedo - vaudeville - was created in 1891.

When was The Tuxedo created?

The Tuxedo was created on 2002-09-27.

When was Tuxedo Club created?

Tuxedo Club was created in 1886.

When was Tuxedo Mask created?

Tuxedo Mask was created in 1992.

When was The Tuxedo Begins created?

The Tuxedo Begins was created on 2012-02-16.

Where did the word tuxedo come from?

The word "tuxedo" is short for "tuxedo coat". It was named after a country club in Tuxedo Park, NY, USA.

Where was the tuxedo originated from?

The Tuxedo originated from the resort town of Tuxedo Park, New York, in 1886.

Where is the Tuxedo Park Library in Tuxedo Park located?

The address of the Tuxedo Park Library is: 227 Route 17, Tuxedo Park, 10987 4405

What are Tuxedo applications?

It shows you the price and the information of the tuxedo

What is the duration of The Tuxedo?

The duration of The Tuxedo is 1.63 hours.

red tuxedo?

red tuxedo wedding suit