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john rawls

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Q: Who described the small group of very wealthy families that controls America?
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How did the vanderbilts and other families become the wealthiest and most powerful people in America?

Vanderbilts and other families became wealthy and powerful in America for different reasons. Most families made their money in growing businesses like oil, newspaper and railroads. Once the families had money, they were able to turn that into power.

What were rich families who owned plantations called?

They are called wealthy families

Is a wealthy person a magnate?

yes a magnate is a wealthy person that controls BUSINESS U HAPPY

How did wealthy did Italian families encourage learning?


What is most of the farmland in Columbia is owned by?

Few wealthy families

Why the Europeans came to America?

they came to America to get wealthy.

A type of government ruled by members of noble or wealthy families?


Rich families that owned plantations were called the?

They are called wealthy familes

What impact did slavery have on African American families?

It made them very wealthy.

How is col Sherburn described in Huckleberry Finn?

as a very wealthy man

Wealthy Japanese families who bought the chief industries of the country in the 1880s and thereby came to dominate the Japanese economy?

The enlightened governmentencouraged wealthy families, or zaibatsu, to buy them. In this way, the zaibatsu took over the Japanese economy. The Mitsubishi and Mitsui families were two examples.

What are large estate owned by wealthy families in Mexico?

The plantations were wealthy landowners in New Netherland who owned and ruled large estates.