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Who designed the Notre Dame Cathedral?

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the construction began in 1163 and lasted for centuries, with many changes in the original design. Have a look at the official website (link)

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the Notre Dame cathedral is named after Notre Dame i.e. Our Lady

The Notre Dame Cathedral is located in Paris, France. The Notre Dame Cathedral is an old Roman Catholic Marian cathedral that date back to the 1200's.

Notre Dame was a gothic cathedral in France

what does the cathedral de notre dame look like

the? Notre Dame is a Catholic cathedral in the heart of Paris, France. Notre Dame is also a university in the state of Indiana, USA.

the notre dame cathedral is used for masses and you can take tours of the catherdal.

The cathedral of Notre-Dame is located in Paris, France.

the Notre-Dame cathedral is used as a place of worship, as it was intended.

Notre Dame cathedral is made of stones (a variety of limestones) from local sites.

In the Notre Dame Cathedral there are five thousand (5,000) gargoyles.

No. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a work of fiction. While the Notre Dame cathedral is real, the events and people of the story are not. As such, the story does not indicate anything real about the nature of Notre Dame.

yes, the architecture of Notre Dame is Gothic.

the Notre dame cathedral of Paris is 320 ft tall and 220.8 ft wide

Notre Dame de Paris is a famous cathedral : Roman Catholic Marian cathedral.

Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School was created in 1878.

Notre-Dame de Paris, also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame. It is 96 m

The original Notre Dame is located in Paris, France.

There is the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, which is a college, and there is Notre Dame de Paris, a Catholic cathedral in France.

Notre Dame de Paris (French for Our Lady of Paris), also known as Notre Dame Cathedral.

Yes, the Cologne Cathedral is about 157m tall while Notre-Dame Cathedral is only about 90m tall.

The Notre Dame is in Paris, France.

The Cathedral in Paris is called the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame simply means our lady, so there are many churches devoted to the Virgin Mary called Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Chartres, Notre Dame de Rouen, etc.). The most famous Notre Dame Cathedral (with the Hugo story and Disney movie and all) is located in center of Paris.

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