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Who designed the pentagon?


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General Brehon B. Somervell, George Edwin Bergstrom, and Lieutenant Colonel Hugh J. Casey.


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Because it is a building that has five sides to it and the word pentagon means a five sided shape.

The Pentagon was designed by American architect George Bergstrom (1876-1955). David J. Witmer replaced Bergstrom as chief architect in April 1942.

The Pentagon was designed to enable the united states govt. to entrap and control a being from another dimension, which they thought they could control to help dominate world military affairs to US advantage.

i don't know who designed it, but all I know is that the pentagon is known as King Solomon's seal. Then the hexagon is the star of David.

Designed by the American architect George Bergstrom (1876 - 1955), and built by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, general contractor John McShain, the building was dedicated on January 15, 1943, after ground was broken for construction on September 11, 1941. Also, The Pentagon is in Virginia, not Washington DC.

It was named after a pentagon, it wasn't the 'Pentagon' that named the 'pentagon'.

The pentagon is in Washington, D.C. A pentagon has five sides. How do you draw a pentagon?

A rhombusA regular pentagonAn irregular pentagon.A rhombusA regular pentagonAn irregular pentagon.A rhombusA regular pentagonAn irregular pentagon.A rhombusA regular pentagonAn irregular pentagon.

They are both the same. Pentagon is just a shorter way of saying the pentagon building. As for if you meant the shape pentagon, it is called the pentagon because it's shape is a pentagon.

The Pentagon was designed to be a permanent solution to the War Departments constant lack of space. The building was finished on the 15th of January 1943 and went to use right away housing thousands of the War Departments employees. So, yes the pentagon was in use before the end of ww2 in 1945.

pentagon A pentagon. A 5-sided figure is called a pentagon. pentagon A five sided figure is called a pentagon

A Pentagon. That's why its call a Pentagon.

Because it's shaped like a pentagon. A pentagon is a five-sized shape.

A regular pentagon does not. An irregular pentagon can.

Polygons by definition have three or more sides. A pentagon has five sides. A pentagon is a polygon.

Pentagon AddressesPentagon mailing addresses are:Pentagon, Washington, DC 20001 - Dept. of DefensePentagon, Washington, DC 20310 - ArmyPentagon, Washington, DC 20330 - Air ForcePentagon, Washington, DC 20350 - Navy

Equilateral just means equal sided. An equilateral pentagon is therefore a pentagon with all its sides of equal length. If an equilateral pentagon is also an equal-angled pentagon then it is called a regular pentagon.

The word pentagon comes from the Greek word pentagon on

An irregular pentagon can. A regular pentagon cannot.

An irregular pentagon.An irregular pentagon.An irregular pentagon.An irregular pentagon.

there are no angles in a pentagon

No, but a pentagon is a polygon.

A Pentagon has five sides.

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