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SS Guards, special killing groups were established to follow the German army and round up Jews and either kill them or send them to work or death camps. Many civilians participated in rounding up Jews and sometimes special incentives were given to those who reported or caught a Jew. Those who helped hide Jews were often afraid of the consequences of helping a Jew and many who did then turned them in, or did face terrible consequences themselves.

AnswerMany, if not most of the Jews, and other minorities or targeted groups (there were many), were rounded up by what only be called planned trickery. That is, a step at a time, requiring they identify themselves on their papers, then publicly (perhaps by wearing a yellow star of David), then requiring they be separated from others in society (also meaning they leave their own area of comfort), then moving them into one area - a ghetto - and then - another step time - while claiming you were relocating them one more time, moving them to death camps.

The people that did this were of many sorts, frequently the neighbors and supposed friends of those they were isolating...they were "hired" if you will, by being able to steal the goods of those they were casting out (frequently moving in to the hosues, with all the possesions still there the same day the Jew was sent away), as well as feeling good abput themselves that their problems would end because they were caused by those same people.

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Q: Who did Hitler hire to capture the Jews?
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Hitler captured the Jews by invading their houses putting them on trains and taking them to the camps. also they bombed the cities and removed the Jews.

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Hitler ordered Kristallnacht as an excuse to get rid of Jews, or capture Jews that had been individually selected to be arrested.

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No. His Nazi soldiers did the dirty work for him.

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everyone hates the jews but generally because they loaned money and it made them rich. when no one could pay the loans back a depression happened. then hitler said that the jews were the blame for the depression

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Very few did, but when the joined it was because they would either go to concentration camps and die, or join the army._____Hitler did not "capture Jews to be in his armies". A small number of German quarter Jews (that is, with one Jewish grandparent) were allowed to join the German armed forces. However, the notion that Jews were given a choice is nonsense.

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Hitler didn't like the Jews so he decided to capture, enslave, and kill them.

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Hitler was incharge of germany- he did not have to capture it.

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No Jews 'helped Hitler in elections'.

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When did Hitler begin to eliminate the Jews in Europe

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Hitler hated the Jews.

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Hitler treated jews badly

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Hitler used the Jews as a SCAPEGOAT for Germany's problems.

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