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Q: Who did Rod Serling ask to replace him as host of the Twilight Zone?
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Who were the hosts of the Twilight Zone?

Rod Serling was the host of the original Twilight Zone television series.

What Twilight Zone host was born on Christmas day 1924?

Rod Serling

Who else hosted The Twilight Zone?

Rod Serling was the shows only host and narrator .

Did anyone besides Rod Serling narrate The Twilight Zone?

No , Rod Serling was the show's only host throughout the run of the series .

Who is the guy from the Twilight Zone?

if you mean edward Robert pattinson.Who, Rod Serling? The man who concieved and wrote much of the series, not to mention was the original host. There was only ONE Rod Serling. If that's what you mean.

Was there any episodes in color from twilight zone in 60's that showed a 4 year girl in a blue jacket riding a tricycle and suddenly stops stil and her mom looks out the backdoor and hears the tricyc?

All episodes of the original Twilight Zone were in Black & White. Rod Serling did host a color show "Night Gallery" (1969-1973).

Did rod serling wear a toupee?

The host of The Twilight Zone , the late Rod Serling , did not wear a hair-piece .No, but it kind of looked like he did in his later years when he started letting himself go more, getting shaggier and shaggier? He was not only getting older. He neglected haircuts and such because his busy career and home life kept him extremely busy. He was also a heavy smoker and drinker.

What are some facts about the Twilight Zone television show?

The title derives in part from an obsolete astronomical concept that between the scorching brightside and frigid dark side of Mercury, there was a sort of girdle-shape inhabitable zone called the twilight zone- which may have influenced the TV show concept. 2. it was one of very few series TV shows that did not have, except for the host, Mr. Serling, any continuing characters, Plots thus gravitated toward the morbid.

Why was the Twilight Zone discontinued?

The plots had become somewhat predictable and repetitive. One critic pointed out that it had fallen into formula writing. Also, Rod Serling was admittedly burned out from five years of the program, and he wanted to take a rest. Also they made a new one with Forest Whitaker as a host.

Is host a book to do with twilight?

No, the host and twilight are just written by the same author

Does the host belong to twilight series?

No. The Host is a independent book that has nothing to do with the Twilight Saga.

What are facts about the Twilight Zone?

The television program, an anthology of one-shot plays dealing with occult, science-fictional, and morbid plots commenced in l959 and lasted on reruns well into the seventies. the host and moderator was Rod Serling- not Sterling! By the way a popular drug store in Jersey City was named the Silver Rod, invert the name and well Sterling is a type of silver (.925 commercial grade)- so Rod Silver- Rod Sterling. He may have derived his screen name from the Drug store. Twilight Zone was unusual but not unique for a TV drama as it had, other than Mr. Serling, no continuing characters. This leaves suspense wide open, and plots tended toward the morbid and Occult. Probe seven, Over and Out! Lay in a strip for the Silver Rod--who was not to my knowledge, a commercial sponsor!

What did Orson Welles have to do with the hit television show The Twilight Zone?

CBS originally wanted Orson Wells to host the show, but wouldn't agree to his salary demands.

Is the host part of the twilight series?


What books has Stephenie Meyer writen?

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Host, etcThe Twilight series and The Host.

Is Twilight saga or the host series better?

Ive honestly never read the host but i'd go for TWILIGHT[:check out the movie toooo!I would say Twilight but sice when is The Host a series?hi well the host is a series because the hosts second book is the soul then the seeker!!!I am the one who asked the question!!!!and I agree the twilight series rocks!!!I am about to start the host series and wondered what it's like!!!click on view discussion to see what I wrote, I am animafan1 and yes I have seen the movie twilight and new moon the movie comes out in September!!and twilight comes on DVD this march!and write what you think about twilight and the host books!THE HOST!!!!!!!!!!! i was obbsessed with twilight I'm TOTALLY obsessed with the host! It's a REALLY REALLY and i mean REALLY REALLY good book!!!!!!

Is Stephenie Meyer writing a series from the host?

She is making a sequel to the host but it is not confirmed that it will be a series like twilight. Nothing can beat twilight series

Are there any books similar to the host?


Does The Host by Stephenie Meyer have anything to do with The Twilight Series?

The Host has nothing to do with Twilight. The plot and setting are totally different. The only similarity is that both books have a romance story.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Friday Zone - 1999?

The cast of The Friday Zone - 1999 includes: Maddie Baldwin as Herself - Host Taylor Crousore as Himself - Host Luke Denison as Himself - Host Emily Fergason as Herself - Host Echo Shappell as Host (2003-)

Is the host a saga of twilight?

No it is not. It has none of the same characters or storylines.

Is twilight stephennie Meyers first book and movie ever?

Yes, but she has also written The Host since Twilight.

What are all the books Stephenie Meyers wrote?

Twilight Saga and The Host.

What are the release dates for Sidewalks Entertainment - 1988 Twilight and the Host 23-30?

Sidewalks Entertainment - 1988 Twilight and the Host 23-30 was released on: USA: 21 March 2013

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