Ludwig van Beethoven

Who did beethoven admire?

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Beethoven really looked up to Mozart.

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Why did beethoven compose eroica symphony?

He composed it to admire Napoleon Bonaparte

What french general did Beethoven admire?

Beethoven admired Napolean Bonaparte - so much so that he originally dedicated his Third Symphony to him. When Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor, however, Beethoven changed the dedication because he no longer admired Bonaparte.

Did Haydn teach Beethoven?

Yes, for a short time when he was 60 and Beethoven was 22. Not surprisingly, given their respective ages, gifts, and experience, the younger man was not a docile pupil. However, when he was older and wiser, Beethoven came to appreciate and admire his former teacher as he deserved.

Is beethoven french?

No, Beethoven is German.

Is admire an adjective?

Admire is not an adjective, when you admire something you look at it closely and well, admire it!

Where was Beethoven married?

Beethoven was not married.

Who did Franz Peter Schubert admire?

Franz Schubert Loved Beethoven Music. He Even Requested to Listen to the "String Quartet Op. 131 No. 14" Before he Died. In Addition, Here is a Quote from Wikipedia:"It was Next to Beethoven, Whom he had Admired All his Life, that Schubert was Buried by his Own Request, in the Village Cemetery of Währing."

What part of speech is admire?

Admire is a verb.Admire is a verb

Why was Beethoven famous?

Beethoven was a famous composer.

Did Beethoven play the trumpet?

No. Beethoven was a pianist.

Who murdered beethoven?

No one. Beethoven was NOT murdered.

Was Beethoven adopted?

o beethoven was not abopted

How many wife did Beethoven have?

Beethoven was not married

What is the definition of Beethoven?

Beethoven is a famous musician.

Who did Beethoven murder?

Beethoven did not murder anyone.

How why they became a composer beethoven?

Ludwig van Beethoven was named Beethoven because it was his surname! How stupid can you be?

What is a sentence for admire?

I admire your courage.You have to sit back and admire the sunset.

Who were Johann and Maria van Beethoven?

Johann Beethoven and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven were the parents of the great Classical-Romantic composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.

What is the meaning of admire?

the meaning of admire is the same as loving that person you admire it is going to begin a relationship but another difference of admire is how you admire an actor or singer that admire is just saying "you sing good" or "you act good"

What was Beethoven famous for?

Beethoven was famous for "Ode to joy".

Does beethoven have a daughter?

There is no record of Beethoven having a daughter.

Who did Beethoven inspire?

Beethoven inspired many such as Mozart.

Where was Beethoven from?

Answer: Ludwig Van Beethoven was from Bonn, Germany

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