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Edward Cullen kills Victoria by beheading her in Twilight series. :)

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Edward killed James the vampire that was hunting Bella.

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Q: Who did edward kill in twilight?
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Did Harold try to kill kind Edward?

well Harold did try to kill Edward in THE Twilight saga

How does edward feel about james in twilight?

Edward loathes and despises James. Frankly, Edward wants to kill him

Whois Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen is the vampire in twilight. Edward Cullen is in love with Bella swan but he cant be to close to her because he could accedentaly kill her.

Similarities between edward and James on twilight?

They are both vampires who have the strong urge to kill people. :)

Does Edward kill himself in twilight?

No, no one attempts to kill themselves throughout the entire Twilight series. Bella does jump off of a cliff, but not to kill herself. Edward thinks that Bella is dead, so he tries to kill himself, but no one is actually killed.

What is the big conflict in the book Twilight?

umm its either Edward not trying to kill Bella cuz he loves her or James trying to kill Bella.

Which twilight has the Voltaire?

It is called the "Volturi." They appear in New Moon in Italy when Edward tries to provoke them so they will kill him.

Of louise gowers supposedly a mistress of edward the seventh?

edward is from twilight and he is hot edward is from twilight and he is hot

Who is Edward Cullan in twilight?


Who does Jacob kill in twilight?

Jacob did not kill any major character, but killed some of the evil vampires in Twilight: Eclipse. Although he looks nice calm and sweet he would love to sink his claws into Edward Cullen.

What would have happened if Bella died in Twilight?

Edward would kill Jacob or Jacob would kill Edward.

Who would win in a fight Edward from Twilight or Edward James Olmos?

In my personal opinion, it would be Edward from Twilight.