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Q: Who did the 1828 tax on imported mainly benefit?
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How was the federal government funded before federal income tax?

Mainly duties (taxes on imported goods).

What did the southerners call the tariff of 1828?

The nation's manufacturing industry was in jeopardy due to imported goods at very low prices. The Tariff of 1828 was one of many tariffs passed by Congress to impose tax on imported goods.

What is the difference between a tariff and an excise tax?

A tariff is the tax placed on the shipment of imported goods that are imported. An excise tax is an indirect tax that is charged upon the sale of one good.

Why did southerners oppose the tariff of 1828?

The tariff was a tax on imported manufactured goods. This raised the price of imported products and made it easier for US manufacturers to compete. Very few of these manufacturers were in the South, so all the tariff did for southerners was to raise their cost of living by making them pay higher prices for the things they needed. The tariff was in essence a tax on them to subsidize northern industry.

Which words describes a tax paid on imported goods?

Tariff best describes a tax paid on imported goods.

What did townsend tax?

Imported Goos(:

A tax on imported goods?

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What is Tax levied by a government on imported or exported goods?

A tax that is that is levied against imported or exported goods by a government is called a tariff or duty. Different countries tax at different rates.

What did the townsend act tax?

Imported Goos(:

Tariff of 1833?

tax on imported goods

What is the name for the tax on imported goods?


What did Townsend Act tax?

Imported Goos(: