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They were against the government and the Bolsheviks. So the were supporting the revolution.

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Q: Who did the Russian white army support?
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Why did the US support the white army in the Russian civil war?

Because the communist revolution was considered a threat to western society which is build on capitalism.

Did the red army have the support of the peasants?

The Red Army is also known as the Workers and Peasants Army. It had a great support of the peasants and was started as a combat arm of the Russian civil war.

Who fought against the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War?

The Bolsheviks were the red army. They fought against the white army. The white army was made up of the sailors from the former Russian navy along with other anti communist groups.

Who opposed each other in the Russian Revolution?

The Communist RED Army verses the Tsars WHITE Army.

Who were the opposing sides of the Russian civil war?

The Bolsheviks, or Reds and their Red Army opposed the so-called White Russians and their White Army.

What was the significance of White Russians during the Russian Revolution?

They were the army of the Czar. (The King).

Who led the Red Army to victory over the White Army in the Russian Civil War?

Leon Trotsky commanded the Red Army.

What was accurately describes the white army?

had support from the united states

Was the aim of the Russian revolution acheived?

When the RED Army defeated the WHITE Army, the aim of the Red Army was achieved. They now had a communist country.

When did the Red army defeat the White army to end the Russian civil war?

White Russians under Baron Wrangel lost at Sevastopol to the Red Army on the 14th of November 1920.

Who led the white army during the Russian civil war?

The most (in)famous White generals were Kolchak and Denikin.

What was Lenin's army?

The Red Army was Lenin's army in the Russian Civil War that broke out after the October Revolution of 1917. The Red Army fought the White Army, eventually routing the White Army forces and establishing Lenin and the Bolsheviks as the power in Russia from then on.

What were the names of the two armies that opposed each other in the Russian Civil War from 1917-1921?

ANSWER The Bolshevik Army or Red Army and the White Army.

What was the white army?

The White army was the counter-revolutionary forces that invaded Russia, leading to the Civil War of 1980 to 1920. The White army was made up of United States, Japanese, French, and British armies, and their Russian conscripts.

What did Trotsky do after the Russian Revolution?

Trotsky became Commissar of War after the revolution and commanded the Red Army forces in the Russian Civil War against the Russian White forces.

Who were the 3 groups who fought each other during the Russian Revolution?

I believe there were only two the red army and the white army.

Which group supported Czar Nicholas the second during the Russian Civil War?

The White Army.

What was the civil war between the red army and the white army who won?

That was the civil war in Russia, also known as the Russian Revolution. The communists of the (Bolsheviks) eventually overwhelmed the combined Royalists and nationalists of the White Army.

When was Russian Liberation Army created?

Russian Liberation Army was created in 1944.

When did Russian Liberation Army end?

Russian Liberation Army ended in 1945.

What is the communist army that defeated uprisings during the Russian Civil War?

The communists RED Army defeated the Tzars WHITE Army during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

How do you say army in Russian?

In Russian: 'Armia'.

What was the red army in the Russian revolution?

The Red Army was the military force put together by the Bolshevik Party and organized by Leon Trotsky. During the actual October Russian Revolution it was not truly the Red Army. It became the Red Army after the Revolution when the Russian Civil War broke out into outright warfare between the Red and the White Armies.

What group supported Czar Nicholas 2 during the Russian Civil War?

The White Army supported the Czar and the Red Army supported the Communists.

Why did Kerenskys decision to continue fighting the war cost him the support of the Russian people?

His people wanted no part in the war. The first battle they took place in the Russian army was devastated.