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Q: Who did the United Nations call for during the Korean War?
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Why do they call themself UNICEF?

United Nations children`s fund.

What do you call Korean alphabet?

Korean alphabets are called Hangul. Korean people use their own alphabets call Hangul alphabets. These alphabets was introduced under the king Sejong during Dynasty from 1393-1910.

Why and when did Australia send troops to the war with Afghanistan?

They heeded the call of the United Nations in 2001.

What do you call nations that do not pick a side during World War 1?


Reservatoin for lunch in the Delegate's dining room at United Nations Headquaters?

call the matrie d'hotel

What do you call a traditional Korean bow?

i am Korean so the Hwarang Korean traditional bow.

What did the United States call themself during the civil war?

The United States but it was sometimes referd to as the Union

How do Indonesian call Santa?

They don’t call him anything. They don’t celebrate Christmas because they are not Christians. Many nations do not celebrate Christmas like the United States.

How do you say call me in Korean?


Why and when did Canada send troops to the war with Afghanistan?

As a part of Nato and a call from the United Nations. They became involved also for humanitarian reasons.

What do you call the Korean language?

한글 or 한국어

What is the modern name of ancient Britannia?

Great Britain or the United Kingdom (whichever you choose to call it) because the small nations of Scotland wales and England have now united into 1 nation

How do you call Korean chick in Korean language?

hangug-eo yeoja use Google translate if it is wrong!

What do you call ate in Korean language?


What did Truman call the Korean war?

"Police Action"

How do you say son in law in Korean?

We call him 사위.

How do you call teacher in Korean?

Kapeacha - its a sign of respect

What do you call ikya rajya samithi in English?

UNESCO=united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization

What is the differences between Chinese New Year and Korean New Year?

They are same substantially. Korean new year is the word that Korean call the Chinese new year.

President Wilson call the creation of general association of nations?

League of nations

What do Canadians call native Americans?

Yes, Us Candians call them First nations, The British used to call them Indians because they thought they arrived in India.

What do you call the chief executive of the city government?

The mayorIn many nations, including the United States, the chief executive of a town or city normally has the title of Mayor.

What is the name of Korean symbol?

the korean written language is actually a phonetic we would call them letters or hangul

What is angel in Korean?

It's chunsa that's what my friends call me....^^

What do you call Korean cake in Korea?

떡볶이 (Ddeok bokki) Is it this??