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Who discovered evolution?


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The theory of evolution was first proposed by Charles Darwin & Alfred Russel Wallace.

More information: Just like Newton, Darwin "stood on the shoulders of giants." We have been collecting information for thousands of years that lead up to Darwin's intuitive leap. In ancient Greece, Aristotle was cataloging various creatures and putting them into categories with other creatures he considered similar (or related.) This was developed over the years until Linnaeus created the system of taxonomy that has not been changed much since. We still use this basic system in Biology today. Mendel was cross breeding his famous peas and learning something that farmers and herders had known for generations, if you breed two different lines together the offspring will inherit some characteristics of each parent. We have used this knowledge to create better foods (corn, bananas) and better animals (cows, dog breeds), or at least ones better suited to our purposes. Darwin knew all these things when he was looking at the Galapagos finches and this old information fused with his experiences and he realised, nature has been cross-breeding itself for ages and creating animals that are better and better suited to their niches, aka evolving! This does not diminish his genius in any way, merely helps explain it. ;)

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Charles Darwin published his seminal theory in 1859.The theory of evolution was discovered by Charles Darwin,the theory of evolution was when Charles Darwin discovered that humans were descendants of apes.The theory of evolution was created by Charles Darwin. The theory of evolution seeks to explain the origin of life on Earth and the origin of different species.

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No - Alfred Russel Wallace co-discovered evolution by natural selection.

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Charles Darwin was the first to formulate the theory of natural selection and evolution as it applies to all animals-- including humans and their ancestors.

Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.

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Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution and published his theory in his book, On The Origin of Species.

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Charles Darwin was the first to formulate a theory of evolution via natural selection. His theory posited the strength in a species is determined by its ability to reproduce and its offspring to survive. Thomas Henry Huxley applied Darwin's theories to human evolution as well.

Charles Darwin: the theory of evolution Gregor Mendel: experimented with genetics. Discovered "crossing-over", phenotypes, and genotypes Watson and Crick: Discovered the shape of DNA.

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