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Who discovered hieroglyphics?

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Hieroglyphics were engraved on the Rosetta Stone, which was discovered by a group of archaeologists near the end of the Baroque period.

Answer: Nobody "discovered" hieroglyphs, since they have been visible since ancient times on the walls of palaces, temples, monuments and tombs across the whole of Egypt. Since they were not lost, they did not need to be discovered.

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When did hieroglyphics get found?

Correction What year were hieroglyphics discovered

When was hieroglyphics first discovered?

Hieroglyphics was found in Ancient Egypt in 3000 BCE.

How were hieroglyphics discovered?

Heiroglyphics was discovered by Jean Francois Champollion.

Where was hieroglyphics first discovered?

They were discovered when Jean-france champollion discovered how to write it.

Who discovered how to read hieroglyphics?

Jean Francois Champollion

Where did Hieroglyphics start?

Hieroglyphics was the writing system in Ancient Egypt and was mostly written on papyrus. The Rosetta Stone, discovered in the Nile Delta in 1799, became the key to the translation of hieroglyphics.

What was discovered that gave archaeologists an understanding of how to read hieroglyphics?

The Rosetta Stone.

How did Greeks find hieroglyphics?

The Greeks found hieroglyphics when an archaeologist discovered the Rosetta Stone.Im not 100% sure this is accurate, but I hope this helped :)

Why was finding the Rosetta stone important?

It discovered the language Hieroglyphics after it has been lost for a period of time. If it wasn't found no one would know what Hieroglyphics meant.

What is the name of the slab of rock discovered in 1799 with Egyptian hieroglyphics?

limestone the Rosetta Stone

What stone was used to learn how to translate ancient Egypt hieroglyphics?

The Rosetta Stone - discovered in the Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt - was used to learn how to translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

What are hieroglyphics and how do we know what they mean?

Hieroglyphics are symbols that stand for words. The Egyptians used them, and they were difficult to accurately decipher until a translation key was discovered (the Rosetta Stone). (see the related question)

What is a good title for a hieroglyphics project?

happy hieroglyphicshateful hieroglyphicshorrible hieroglyphicshistorical hieroglyphicshell making hieroglyphicsharpy hieroglyphicshorsey hieroglyphicshope i helped!

Can you give me a sentence that has the word Hieroglyphic?

Rosetta is named after the stone that explained Egyptian hieroglyphics, thus laying bare the culture of the Pharoahs to modern eyes.The archaeologists discovered many hieroglyphics in the cave.

Did Cleopatra's burial chamber have hieroglyphics in it?

Her burial chamber has not been discovered - Alexandria where she died was inundated by rising water levels.

How can archaeologist be sure they have discovered Hatsheput's mummy?

Based on the Hieroglyphics, and the mummies buried with her. They could also test DNA from the mummies bones along with known family members they have already discovered.

French discovery that unlocked the meaning of this ancient Egyptian language?

The Rosetta Stone, discovered in 1799 near Alexandria, was the key to hieroglyphics.

What is 'hieroglyphics' when translated from English to Italian?

"Hieroglyphics" in English is geroglifici in Italian.

What were Hieroglyphics painted on?

Hieroglyphics were written on papyrus.

How do you spell hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics, you got it right.

What are forms of hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics are picture symbols.

What is the French word for hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics = hiéroglyphes

Hieroglyphics were a form of what?

Hieroglyphics were a form of writing.

Can you smoke hieroglyphics?

No, you cannot smoke hieroglyphics.

How did Jean-Francois Champollion discover hieroglyphics?

He discovered it by using the same writtings on the rossetta stone lolz keep on learnin xp