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Who discovered television?

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Television was invented, it was not discovered.

Philo Farnsworth and

Charles Francis Jenkins invented television.

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Why did television come out when it did?

because people discovered new technology and television was just one thing that that people had discovered.

Name the scientist who discover tv?

Television was invented not discovered.

What are the release dates for Discovered - 2014 TV?

Discovered - 2014 TV was released on: USA: 8 August 2014

Who discovered TV?

I.L Bhairal

When was Plasma TV discovered?


When was televisions first discovered?

TV's were not discovered. They didn't exist before they were invented.

When was it discovered that television was unhealthy?

it was decided unhealthy when your mom was first shown on tv

Who discovered television and when?

John Beard in 1926

How was the television discovered?

Well the television itself wasn't discovered, but some one found that combining two materials/elements together created electricity and various experiments resulted eventually in the television.

Where was Zac Efron discovered?

He wasn't "discovered." He auditioned for plays, then TV and movies. He presented himself.

How did the naked brother band get discovered?

they got on tv

How was penicillian discovered?

yo yo yo it was discovered by a chin ( little Chinese man ) Francine get the camera I am on TV

Who discovered black and white tv.?

Philo T. Farnsworth

Where were anti-biotics discovered?

in wat decade was television invented?

Black and orange and was discovered in 1983 by a tv crew?

A Bengal Tiger

Was there TV in the 1850s?

There was no TV in the 1850s. TV could not be invented until Thomas Edison discovered the Edison Effect in physics which made triodes and modern electronics possible.

How old were Tom and Bill Kaulitz when they were discovered?

When bill and tom were 6, there were on a tv show, but tokio hotel was discovered in 2003 when bill was on star search :)

How was Britney Spears discovered?

TV Shows "Star Search" and "The Mickey Mouse Club".

What is the name of the scientist who discovered television?

Philo Taylor Farnsworth (August 19, 1906 - March 11, 1971) is credited with the invention of the all-electronic television. To be a bit pedantic, "discover" means these things were around previously and suddenly they were noticed for the first time. So television wasn't discovered ever.

Which scientist discovered television?

Philo Taylor Farnsworth (August 19, 1906 - March 11, 1971) is credited with the invention of the all-electronic television.

How was Andromeda discovered?

Galaxy?Constellation?Wine?Warship?Play?Novel?TV series?Damsel?

What do you mean by private TV news channel?

It means secret information discovered and been showed.

Who discovered the tv satellite?

Satellites for television weren't discovered. They were developed by scientists and engineers and launched into orbit using space rockets. The development of the Telstar satellite was taken on by companies in the US, Britain and France. The first television satellite was launched in 1962 and was used for transatlantic television links between broadcasters. Since then, hundreds of satellites have been launched into geo-stationary orbit to serve direct television broadcasts to homes.

Who made significant changes to Australia?

Lots of countries actually Mexicans discovered colour television, chocolate, (Yum!) also Chinese discovered paper and britan invented the telephone and internet.

When was the first TV discovered?

A dude just stumbled accross one under an overpass in Television city in 1951. After that they just started turning up almost everywhere there was electric.