Who discovered the constellations?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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No one discovered the constellations The stars have been there since before humanity evolved. The constellation was devised by ancient peoples as part of their folk lore, and the name of the first person to apply that name to those stars is lost in the mists of time. im stupid and i do poo and fart '"ffphh'' i farted

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i dont know

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Q: Who discovered the constellations?
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When did Galileo discover constellations?

he discovered constellations in the 1900

Who discovered that the constellations rotate?

constellation does not rotate at all, but the Earth does

Who discovered aquarius?

The Babylonians are credited with the discovery and naming of most of the constellations.

How many constellations have been found?

There are 88 recognized constellations in the night sky. Some have been discovered but not recognized. And their still some to discover that may be recognized.

Who named the constellation Leo?

The Leo Constellation was named by the Egyptian people. It is one of the first constellations that was discovered and first discovered by the Mesopotamian people.

When were star constellations first discovered?

It is impossible to say when star constellations were "first discovered".The stars in the heavens have been recorded since man first learned to write.There are many instances of the stars being recorded in the Christian Bible and Holy books of other religions

Who discovered the constillation pegasus?

It was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy. (Wikipedia)

The belt of constellations through which all the planets move is called the?

The belt of constellations through which all the planets move is called zodiac. The true shape of the planetary orbits was discovered by Kepler.

How was the constellation Andromeda discovered?

Nobody discovered constellations; they were invented. Somebody must have said something like "this group of stars looks like such-and-such", and given it the appropriate name.

When Aquarius was discovered?

Like most constellations Aquarius is a borrowing by the Greeks from the Babylonians, who had been around since 1830 BC.

What year was the constellation Orion discovered?

Orion is one of the most noticeable constellations in the sky, and has been known since antiquity.

What does constellation mean in Greek?

"Constellation" is a Greek word, and constellations were first discovered by the Greeks, believed to be a greek called 'Homer'. I think constellations is the name given to them by the Greek, so therefore 'constellation' in Greek is 'constellation'.