Who discovered the network?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Who discovered the network?
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When analyzing a protocol used on the network it is discovered that multicast messages are being sent to network devices Which class of ip addressing is being used to send these messages?

Class D

What services are provided by the company Network Products?

Upon researching to find information about what services are provided by Network Products it has been discovered that there is not a company by that name. There are a number of companies that sell network products which are products that are used with technology and networking of computer systems.

What would one use a packet sniffer for?

Although unfamiliar with the term packet sniffer is has been discovered that it is a term related to technology. A packet sniffer is used by a system administrator or network to troubleshoot and monitor a network. It helps to maintain network data transmission.

What is the job of a network security consultant?

A network security consultant's job is to analyze the possible security risks displayed by the hiring company's computer network. They report on risks discovered, advise as to the severity of these risks, and determine an appropriate plan of action to minimize or eliminate threats to a network's smooth and safe operation.

What is the largest underground labyrinth discovered?

The largest discovered underground labyrinth is the cave network found in Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. While the Carlsbad Caverns can boast the largest single chamber in the US, the labyrinth at Mammoth is the longest ever found in the entire world.

Who discovered networking?

It certainly was not "discovered," though the concept was created by the US Government to share important information throughout the government. Specifically, The Department of Defense used the first computer network. It was then later improved and used for commercial use, until we reached what is known as the internet today.

Who was the leader of Al Qaeda network during the 911 attacks?

The leader was Osama Bin Laden. He was assassinated in May 2011 by allied special forces after he was discovered hiding in Pakistan.

Who discovered wire?

We discovered Israeli wire tapsLebanese media report that blast heard near towns of Houla and Mais al-Jabal that 'was caused by discovery of breach in Hezbollah telecommunications network.' According to report, two cables found - one for listening, one for broadcast.

What is the past tense of discovered?

The past tense of "discovered" is "discovered."

Who discovered Saturn moons?

The first person to discover Saturn`s moons was Christian Huygens in 1655. The following moons discovered in order are: Titan Discovered:1655 Discovered by:Christian Huygens Iapetus Discovered:1671 Discovered by:Giovanni Cassini Rhea Discovered:1672 Discovered by:Giovanni Cassini Tethys Discovered:1684 Discovered by:Giovanni Cassini Dione Discovered:1684 Discovered by:Giovanni Cassini Enceladus Discovered:1789 Discovered by:William Herschel Mimas Discovered:1789 Discovered by:William Herschel Hyperion Discovered:1848 Discovered by:William Lassell Phoebe Discovered:1898 Discovered by:William Pickering Janus Discovered:1965-1966 Discovered by: Audouin Dollfus Epimetheus Discovered:1966 Discovered by:Richard Walker Helene Discovered:1980 Discovered by: Pierre Laques Telesto Discovered:1980 Discovered by:Bradford Smith Calypso Discovered:1980 Discovered by:Dan Pascu Prometheus Discovered:1980 Discovered by:Stewart Collins Pandora Discovered:1980 Discovered by:Stewart Collins Atlas Discovered:1980 Discovered by:Richard Terrile Pan Discovered:1981 Discovered by:Showalter Other astronomers:Kevin Beurile, Brett Gladman, Matthew Holman and others. If you want to see the rest, go to to see the article Timeline discovery of solar system planets and their moons.

What is a network password given by the network?


What is meant by the term securing your perimeter network security?

your perimeter network is the network you operate such as you have the internet and your network your network is your perimeter