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Louis Pasteur discovered 3 vaccines of :

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When was cholera vaccine discovered?

1750 -1900

Who developed first vaccine for anthrax and chicken cholera?

Louis Pastaur discovered the vaccine for anthrax and chicken cholera

Who discovered the cholera vaccine?

Ther is no such thing as a cholera vaccine. Best cure is hydration an avoiding spread by exercising strict hygiene.

Is the cholera vaccine a killed vaccine?

Yes. The cholera vaccine is a killed vaccine.

Is there a cholera vaccine?

A cholera vaccine exists that can be given to travelers and residents of areas where cholera is known to be active, but the vaccine is not highly effective

What year was the chicken cholera vaccine discovered?

Wilhelm Kolle who was a German bacteriologist was the first to discover the cholera and typhoid vaccines in 1896.

What is the vaccination against cholera?

You have a cholera vaccine made from the dead cholera bacteria. You get about 60 % protection, only from the cholera. There is local swelling and tenderness after the vaccine and you get malaise for day or two after the vaccine.

How much does cholera vaccines cost?

Cholera vaccine is very cheap. Cholera vaccine does not give protection of more than 60 %. It may give you false sense of security. Never the less the importance of cholera vaccine can not be underestimated.

Is there a vaccine for cholera?

Yes there is.

How does a cholera vaccination make you immune to cholera?

In cholera vaccination you are injected the dead cells of cholera. So you get antibodies to cholera. This vaccine is not very effective. The protection rate is some where 50 to 60 % only. So you can not keep faith on the vaccine for protection from cholera.

Who discovered cholera?

Filippo Pacini discovered cholera in 1854

Is cholera vaccine safe?

Yes. I have had it.

What is the full form of tabc vaccine?

Typhoid A & B and Cholera Vaccine

What is the meaning of the cholera fever?

You get mild, some times moderate, fever after cholera vaccine. This is probably called as cholera fever.

Who discovered the cause of cholera?

John Snow discovered cholera in 1852, from contaminated water.

Where was cholera first discovered?

Cholera was discovered by Filippo Pacini in 1854 in India during the Asiatic Cholera pandemic. It was later re-discovered by both John Snow and Robert Koch.

Who invented vaccine for cholera?

Waldemar Haffkine (1860 - 1930) was a microbiologist who worked at the Pasteur Institute in France. He bravely tested the cholera vaccine on himself and also thousands of people in India. He dedicated his inspiration for the vaccine to Louis Pasteur.

Why can't cholera be eradicated by vaccination?

Cholera vaccine is not very effective. It can give protection up to 60 % only. So cholera can not be eradicated by vaccination.

Who was the first to produce vaccines for rabbis cholera?

Waldemar Haffkine first developed the vaccine for cholera around 1900.

Why is there no vaccine for cholera?

As of June 2014, there are two types of vaccine for cholera. The first is Dukoral which is available in more than 60 countries worldwide and the second is ShanChol, which is available in India but is pending WHO approval.

Who is credited for development of cholera vaccine in nigeria?

Doctor Joseph Obi Njoku,Imo state commissioner of health is credited for development of cholera vaccine in Nigeria.This was during the Nigerian-Biafrian war.

Who discovered vaccine for the first time?

Louis Pasteurdiscovered vaccine for the first time

Who discovered polio vaccine?

Flemming discovered the polio vaccine but Jonas Salk invented the kind which is used today that is inactive polio vaccine.

Cholera bacillus discovered by?

Robert Koch

Who discovered the bacteria that cause cholera?