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Q: Who distributes monster energy drinks?
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Is there bull sperm in Monster energy drinks?

There is no evidence of bull sperm in Monster energy drinks.

Do monster drinks have alcoholic?

No. Monster Energy Drinks do no contain alcohol.

What year did monster energy drinks come out?

Monster Energy drinks were launched by Hansen Natural in 2002.

Who owns monster energy drink?

The Monster Beverage Corporation owns and manufactures the Monster energy drinks. The company also manufactures natural soft drinks and fruit drinks.

What is the PH level of Monster energy drink?

The pH level is 2.7 for Monster Energy Drinks and most other energy drinks.

Is there whale sperm in monster energy drinks?


What products do Monster Energy sell?

The Monster Energy company sells energy supplement drinks. Their products include Monster Energy, Monster Energy Ultra Blue, Monster Energy Absolute Zero, Monster Energy Zero Ultra and Monster Energy Cuba Lima.

Does monster energy drinks have alcohol in them?


Is there alcohol in monster energy drinks?


Is it illegal to sell Monster energy drinks to minors?

No. Currently there is no age restriction on the sales of energy drinks.

Can monster energy drinks clean your systems of drugs?

Can monster energy drink clean your system of drugs

Are monster energy drinks one of the top ten healthy drinks?

probably not

Is their bull sperm in the monster energy drinks?


Is cyanide in monster energy drinks?


Are monster energy drinks good for you?


Do Monster Energy Drinks contain Alcohol?

No, they do not.

Is phosphoric acid in monster energy drinks?


Is there horse pee in monster energy drinks?

yes yes it does.

Monster energy drink corporate phone number?

I need a monster drinks...

What are the different kinds of monster energy drinks?

cobra energy drink

Can people get diabites from monster energy?

Do to the large amounts of sugar in Monster energy drinks they can aide in the cause of diabetes.

Do monster energy drinks lower your sperm count?

No, it does not.

Are Monster energy drinks good for children?

yes,it is

Are monster energy drinks good?

yes it is good for you.

Is there urine in monster energy drinks?

only mine