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Q: Who do you think the persona is?
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What did ancient Greek philosophers think gods were?

Blessed persona of nature.

What did Greek philosophers think gods were gods were?

Blessed persona of nature.

What are 3 characteristics of a specific animal that you think fit Hamlet's persona?


If personA's grandfather is your aunt's cousin what does does that make you and personA?

i am personA's aunt

What has the author Gobelinus Persona written?

Gobelinus Persona has written: 'Cosmidromius Gobelini Persona'

What does the persona plead for?


Will there be a persona 3 for psp?

Yes, there is a Persona 3 for PSP, called Persona 3 Portable.

Una persona buena or bueno?

"una persona buena" because "persona" is the feminine gender / feminium.

What is the authors persona?

A persona is the character that an author narrates through. Although the author may not have the same viewpoints as the persona.

What is persona in sims?

in sims 3 a persona is your sims personalty

When was Proton Persona created?

Proton Persona was created in 2007.

When did Persona Communications end?

Persona Communications ended in 2007.