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Hester tries to support and help other outcasts and marginalized individuals in The Scarlet Letter, including the poor, sick, and elderly members of the community. She also dedicates her time and resources to charity and helping those in need.

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Q: Who does Hester try to give money and support to in The Scarlet Letter?
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What does Hester do with any spare money she might have in The Scarlet Letter?

she gives it to charity

What does Hester do to earn money in the book The Scarlet Letter?

In "The Scarlet Letter," Hester earns a living by sewing garments for the townspeople. She uses her needlework skills to embroider and create elaborate designs, which becomes her source of income and sustenance for herself and her daughter, Pearl.

How much money did The Scarlet Letter gross worldwide?

The Scarlet Letter grossed $10,359,006 worldwide.

How much money did The Scarlet Letter gross domestically?

The Scarlet Letter grossed $10,359,006 in the domestic market.

In The Scarlet Letter what uncharacteristic actions does Hester do?

She turns into a hooker and starts offering her daughter Pearl weed and also tells her to go sell her body to a pedophile for some good money. Also she tells her to go flick some punk as bloods. She reppin' the hood homie. She has those biggo' titties

Chillingworth secretly provides Hester with money to support Pearl?

Chillingworth secretly supports Hester and Pearl financially out of guilt for his mistreatment of them. He sees helping them as a way to atone for his past actions and maybe gain redemption. Despite his outward animosity towards Hester, he still cares for her and wants to ensure she and Pearl are taken care of.

How much money does Devin Hester make in 2007?

Devin Hester makes 800,000 dollars a year.

What does Hester do with any extra money she has?

Hester typically saves any extra money she has for emergencies or future financial goals. She may also use it to invest in her education, business, or personal development. Additionally, Hester may donate some of her extra money to charitable causes that align with her values.

Who did Chillingworth leave his property to?

Chillingworth is a fictional character in the book, The Scarlet Letter. When Chillingworth died, he left all of his money and belongs to Pearl.

How does hester make money What is her gift?

Hester makes money by crocheting and creating custom pieces such as scarves, shawls, and blankets. Her gift lies in her ability to create beautiful and intricate designs that are highly sought after by customers.

What type of family was Hester born into?

a family that was willing to, eventually, do whatever they could to get money. They lost all their money and sold Hester basically to an old crippled rich guy, Chillingworth, for his name and fortune.

What five letter word is a synonym for the word support?

Depending on context, "support" can mean brace, carry, prove, favor, money, funds, votes.