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Who does Jay-Z go out with?

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Beyonce. In fact they are getting married.

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Is jayz a parent?

is jayz a parent and is he living with byonce

How long have Beyonce and jayz been dating?

how long have beyonce and jayz been dating

Is jayz African-American?

Jayz isn't african-american x

Who is the richest baby in world?

Beyonce & Jayz Has the richest babies Jayz And beyonce are the second richest couple in the world

How often does jayz or his staff reply to questions from public?

hhow often does jayz or staff reply to questions from fan or public

JayZ and Lil Wayne who is richer?

lil Wayne cuz he's much better and made more albums then jayz

Is jayz in the illumianti?

No such group- and you misspelled it.

How much does it cost for JAYZ to perform at your birthday party?

For someone like JAYZ it may cost as much as 1-3 million.

When did Beyonce and Jayz get married?

They were married in 2009!

Does jayz have HIV?

I dont know maybee not

Is jayz a mason?

- yes he is if his wife beyonce is in it then he is

Does Jayz have children already?

There is a baby on the way !

Who was Beyonce's first boyfriend?

jayz(zee)right Justin beiber had a crush on her (beyonce) when he was 7ys and she broke his heart because she "married" jayz(zee)

Do Beyonce and Jayz worship the devil?

Yes they do Beyonce should go back to jesus. I advise because jay-z is the reason that beyonce might go to hell.

Who is the best singer is it a jayz b souji boy c nicki manji?

The best singer between Jayz, Souji boy and Nicki Minaj is Minaj

Is jayz Haitian?

yes he schocking news people

Does Beyonce a child for jayz?

No they do not have kids yet but i think they will

Is Beyonce in jayz still together?

why are they still together

Did beyonce ever cheat on jayz?

No, beyounce did not cheat on him

How much money does jayz has?

about 340 million i think

How did Beyonce get famous now?

because she married JayZ and he has a lot of money and because she is in a group called destiny's child she only married JayZ because he had lot's of money

Does rihanna the singer likes jayz?

As a friend but nothing more.

Where does Jayz live?

hopefully new york with my idol BEYONCE!

Did Rihanna date jayz?

yes because she was jelouse of beyonce.

Who is better nas or jayz?

Jay-Z is obviously better.

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