Who does Serena like seiya or darien?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Who does Serena like seiya or darien?
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Does Darien love Serena?

yes Darien loves Serena he says it in episode 200.

When does Seiya first meet Serena in Sailor Moon?

Seiya first meets Serena in episode 173 in Season 5

Is Serena in love with you?

She loves Darien. that answer is incorrect

Have Amy in Sailor Moon ever kiss?

In episode 181, seiya and usagi (serena) go on a date to the amusement park but i don't think they kissed because usagi (serena) is suppose to marry mamoru (darien) when he came back from new york but got his star seed taken away on the plane ride.

Were darien and Serena virgins in the anime series?

It is thought they are, Serena definitely is, seeing as she is 14/15

What season and episode of Sailor Moon does darien and Serena fid out rini is their daughter?

Darien and Serena find out that Rini is their daughter in episode 76 in the English dubbed version, and episode 83 in the Japanese original.

Is seiya from Sailor Moon?

No. As is already apparent from the arcs depicting Neo-Tokyo, she marries Darien (Mamoru). Thus Reeni (Chibiusa).

Who is the main character in sailor moon?

Well, there are really two, Serena and Darien

How much age difference is there between Serena and Darien?

Serena is 14 years old, and Darien is in college, so ill say he would be about 18-19 years old, so there is a 4-5 year difference

Do Seyia and Darin ever meet each other?

Seiya and Darien do meet, but for a very brief moment in the last episode (#200).

Does seiya like usagi?

yes seiya does like sailor moon

Who are Rini's parents in Sailor Moon?

Rini's parents are Serena (sailor moon) and Darien (tuxedo mask).