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The agent represents the insurance company, not the customer who is buying the insurance.

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2012-05-19 08:42:34
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Q: Who does an agent represent in an insurance transaction?
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Can a general insurance agent represent more than two insurance companies?

can a general insurance agent represent more than 2 companies

How can you get an Insurance Quote on your Home?

Cal an agent and he can give you a quote on the insurance cost. I would recommend that you contact an independent insurance agent because they represent many different insurance carriers and can shop for the best price and coverage for you.

Is it legal for an insurance agent to work for two insurance companies at the same time?

Yes, Independent Insurance agents often represent dozens of insuring markets

Functions of insurance agents?

To educate and consult with customers in order to facilitate the transaction of purchasing insurance products. A good agent will point out appropriate coverages ands gaps in coverages as well. Independent agents or brokers have multiple companies to work with where as captive or direct agents have only one comapny they represent.

Who is the registered agent for safeco insurance?

Safeco Insurance Company is represented by Independent Insurance Agents who contract with them. If you purchased insurance from Safeco then you did so through an Independent Agent. Unless you changed your agent for some reason such as moving to another area the original agent would still be your agent or at least the agency would still be who you would go to for assistance. I know this because I am an Independent Agent who represents Safeco Insurance Company and am proud to represent such a fine company for many years.

Who does a Real estate agent represent?

either the buyer or seller of a property There are several types of representation that a real estate agent may be hired to perform. The agent can be retained in a single agency representation to represent the seller or as a buyer-agent representing the buyer. Single agency results in a fiduciary relationship to either the buyer or seller, but not both. Dual agency is where the real estate agent owes a fiduciary relationship to both parties and is not permitted in many states. A real estate agent can also be retained to provide what is called transaction brokerage whereby they do not represent either the buyer or the seller but instead performs services to facilitate the transaction and would be bound to treat both parties fairly but does not owe a fiduciary relationship to either. When retaining the services of a real estate agent inquire as to the nature of their representation and who they in fact represent. Keep in mind that as their representation of a particular party to the transaction evolves, the representation obligations and fiduciary duties may change. It is obligation of the real estate agent to disclose in establishing a relationship and also if and when it changes during the transaction.

What are the rights of an agent in insurance?

An insurance agent has a contract with an insurance company which specifies his rights; but basically an agent has a right to be paid a commission for the insurance that he or she sells.

Who is the principal of a common law insurance broker in an insurance transaction?


How should I plan to become an insurance agent?

To become an insurance agent, most companies require an agent to have a college education. You will also have to be licensed with your state. You can read more at

How much is insurance for a Volvo?

That would be best answered by an insurance agent. Contact your local insurance agent.

Life insurance agent?

A life insurance agent is the person who knows about the various life insurance policies and explains them to potential clients. The agent is the person who sells you life insurance.

How could one become a business insurance agent?

You can become a business insurance agent by studying insurance in college or business in college. In addition, you can become a business insurance agent by applying for an insurance company.

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