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Who does illiteracy affect?



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Illiteracy: What Can It Lead To?

One of the effects of illiteracy is the escalation of high school dropout rates for young adults and their later unemployment. Additional issues that illiteracy effects are weak self-esteem, poverty, and incarceration. Being illiterate, many people can not find jobs and are not capable of providing for their families which unfortunately may lead to theft in order to give their families what they need. Without any take-home pay from a job, poverty can occur, which can also lead to criminal behaviors. Statistics have found that more than half of prison inmates are illiterate and 85% of all the minors that are arrested have trouble reading. Self-esteem can be affected by illiteracy to a point that the illiterate person may feel there is no hope of ever becoming literate. Ridicule from peers can lower already low self- esteem.