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Jesus Christ.

"...the first Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening Spirit... the first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven." (I Cor.15:45-47)

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Q: Who does the Bible refer to as last Adam?
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What was Adams last name?

Adam's name was simply Adam. The bible does not give last names. Rather, it many times gives the lineage of a person. So and so, the son of, so and so. Adam was the first. So he was simply called Adam.

How many people called Adam were in the Bible?

There seems to be only one person called 'Adam' in the Book of Genesis, however some scholars say that some passages may have been intended to refer to different persons from the Adam of Genesis 2. Also, Adam actually means 'man', so some references arguably could be better interpreted as 'man' rather than 'Adam'.AnswerThe name Adam is mentioned in many books of the bible, but they only refer to Adam, the first man, the last mention is in Jude Ch.1v14. No doubt there were others called after Adam as there may have been many called Jesus. As these others play no part in the bible story they are not mentioned.

How long did the marriage between Adam and Eve last in the Bible?


Why do you think some people refer to the serpent as the tempter?

because in the bible the serpent was the devil and tied to tempt adam and eve

Did Bible characters not have last names?

No, last names were not used in Israel at the time of the Bible. They instead would refer to a person by phrases such as "son of" or by the town he or she was from. There are no "charachters" in the bible, show some respect

Who is more famous Adam out of the bible or Mario?

Adam out of the bible

Who is more famous Adam out of the bible or Winnie the Pooh?

Adam out of the Bible

Who was the first taxonomist in Bible?

the first taxonomist on The Bible is Adam

Where does the name zachariah come from?

"A" is the first person in the bible "Adam" and "Zachariah" is the last alphabetic name in the bible. Ann Burden thinks that it is the end of times.

Who is the Straightest man in the bible?


Is Adam the angel of the from the bible?

there is no angel named Adam. Adam is the name of a man.

Did Adam name the anticrist?

If you mean Adam in the Bible, then no. Adam named the animals.