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Q: Who duetted with Bing Crosby on the 1982 Christmas hit Little Drummer Boy?
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Who performed a duet together on a 1977 Christmas special of the Little Drummer Boy?

Bing Crosby and David Bowie

Was david bowie in the same room with Bing Crosby?

Yes, For Christmas 1977, David Bowie joined Bing Crosby, of whom he was an ardent admirer, at the ATV Television Studio in Herts England to do "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy", a version of "Little Drummer Boy" with a new lyric.

What Christmas song has the initials tldb?

The little drummer boy

What is the importance of the little drummer boy?

He was in a Christmas song

Did the little drummer boy visit the manger after the sheperds?

The little drummer boy is fictitious so is not a part of the Biblical Christmas story.

What is the Christmas song by Joan Jett?

"Little Drummer Boy"

Who sings the Christmas song peace on earth pa ram pam pam pam?

The Christmas song that includes the lyrics "Peace of Earth pa rum pum pum pum" is called Little Drummer Boy. It has been sung by hundreds of artists, including Bing Crosby.

What Christmas song has these words Bantam Male Percussionist?

The Little Drummer Boy

Are there Christmas songs with onomatopoeia?

Yes. "Little Drummer Boy" comes to mind.

What are the release dates for Animaniacs - 1993 A Christmas Plotz Little Drummer Warners 1-49?

Animaniacs - 1993 A Christmas Plotz Little Drummer Warners 1-49 was released on: USA: 6 December 1993

The lad is a diminutive percussionist?

The little drummer boy. Bing Crosby did a duet with David Bowie. A bom a bom bom ! A bizarre recording indeed.

Christmas song dumb ditty da dumb ditty da?

Little Drummer Boy.