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The head of state of Japan is the Emperor and he is not elected as it is a hereditary position.

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appointed by parliament

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Q: Who elects for head government in japan?
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Type of democracy where legislature elects a prime minister?

Parliamentary democracy is the type of democracy where the legislature, typically the parliament, elects the prime minister. The prime minister is the head of government and is accountable to the parliament.

What is a government in which the head state is a hereditary position?

A monarchy is a government in which the head state is a hereditary position. By contrast, a representative democracy elects its governmental leaders. Many nations have a combination of the two systems.

What is Japans head of government?

Japan has a monarch (Emperor) as head of state and an elected prime minister as head of government.

Who elects the head of gram panchayat?


What does democratic republic mean?

A nation with a constitution is a republic. A nation that elects the head of the state and representatives in the parliament to form a government is democratic. Democratic Republic is a form of government elected by the people with the constitutional head in accordance to the constitution is a Republic.

Who is head of the japan gov't?

The head of government in Japan is the Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister, as of November 2017, is Shinzo Abe.

Who elects the executive in a parliamentary state of government?


Who elects the emperor of Japan?

Emperor in Japan is considered a ceremonial head of a country known as a constitutional monarchy. Empire of Japan was abolished in 1947. Succession in Japan is based on the eldest male child getting the throne in most cases. Female members of the imperial family are excluded from succession.

Who elects the head of the executive branch?

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Who was the head of government post war world 2 in japan?

The emperor was the head of the government in postwar Japan. This was had assurance of the Japanese people and the US had to comply and helped create Japan's Constitution.

Who elects the government at the time of elections?

people of the country

What type of government elects leaders to represent them?