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Q: Who else does Cassius propose to kill besides Caesar in the play Julius Caesar?
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Who is the antagonist in Julius Caesar?

The antagonist in Julius Caesar is Cassius.

In Julius Caesar Cassius believes he is Caesar's?

Cassius was not Caesar. Cassius wanted to kill Caesar for jealousy and some other issues.

Is Cassius the name of Julius Caesar in shakespeare?

No. Cassius is the name of one of the conspirators. His full name is Caius Cassius. He was the brains behind the conspiracy. Julius Caesar's full name in real life was Gaius Julius Caesar, but in the play he's just called Julius Caesar.

Who defends Cassius to Caesar In Julius Caesar?


Who all dies in Julius Caesar?

Brutus Cassius Portia Titinius Julius Caesar

How does Marcus Brutus and Gaius Cassius and Julius Caesar relate?

Their full names are Marcus Junius Brutus ("Brutus"), Gaius Cassius Longinus ("Cassius") and Gaius Julius Caesar ("Caesar"). Cassius was married to Junia, half-sister of Brutus. Cassius and Brutus were the leaders of the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar

What Shakespeare play features Octavius and Cassius?

Julius Caesar

How does Marcus Brutus and gains Cassius relate to Julius Caesar?

Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus were the leaders of the conspirators who assassinated Julius Caesar.

To whom does Cassius compare the storm?

Julius Caesar

What is the characteristics of Julius Caesar from Julius Caesar?

Proud and arrogant, but also shrewd. He spots Cassius as a source of trouble.

In the tragedy of Julius Caesar why is Brutus so angry with Cassius?

Cassius was accepting bribes.

Who visits Brutus in act IV?

Julius Caesar bloody ghost