Beijing 2008 Olympics

Who else thinks that judging in the 2008 Olympics in gymnastics is very unfair and that CHINA is cheating?

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August 18, 2008 7:43PM

The judging at the 2008 Olympics in gymnastics has DEFINITELY been unfair. One of China's gymnast's FELL on her vault landing and somehow scored higher than USA's Sacramone, who had a "bunny hop" on her landing. It's absolutely ridiculous. All of China's scores are being inflated and all of USA's scores are way too harsh. Given what Bush has done in office over the past 8 years, I can't blame the world for hating the USA. But, it's totally unfair that these young athletes, who have trained so very hard, should have to suffer because of it. And to deny Liukin the Gold when she tied for it is also a travesty. They should be ashamed of themselves...

I Agree. Also, I am not sure the Chinese gymnasts are of legal age to compete in the Olympics (16). It seems awful convenient that 4 out of their very young gymnasts are all 16!